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LINDA and Dash8 APU problem

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This is my first time using LINDA and I'm trying to setup my VRInsight T&T panel for overhead functions from the Majestic Dash8 and I'm having some trouble getting the APU functions setup for the push/release toggle buttons on the left side of the T&T panel.


-The APU Power button works fine, which is setup with APU PWR toggle in LINDA

-The APU Start button is also working fine, which is setup with APU Start On in LINDA

-Then the APU Generator button is setup with APU Gen toggle in LINDA and it works, as long as the  APU Power is off, it nicely clicks in and out, but as soon as the Power button is on and I've started the APU and wait for the green light on the Power button and the orange light in the Gen button are lit, I push the Gen button and nothing happens.

-The APU Bleed is the same, it nicely click in and out when the APU is off, but once the Power button is on and the APU is strated, it doesnt do anything.


What am I doing wrong, here? How can I setup the Gen and Bleed toggle functions in LINDA, so the buttons respond when the APU is started?

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I don't use VRinsight for any overhead switches. Linda does them all quite nicely. As for the APU, here is what I do starting from cold/dark:

Battery...ON   I use button 9 on Saitek Quadrant #2 (Push Mixture full forward briefly)

APU Power ON .... Press button 14 ( I do not use Toggle just in case)

APU Start  ON ......Release of button 14

Gen ON .....Press 15 It will turn green in about 30 seconds

Proceed with checklist


Hope this helps

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It's not the procedure I'm having trouble with. When using the mouse everything works fine. It's just when using those 2 buttons programmed with LINDA, those 2 functions dont work. At least, for turning GEN and BLD on when APU has been started.

When I turned everything on, GEN and BLD by mouse and the rest through LINDA, I can use both buttons through LINDA to turn BLD and GEN off. This and that the buttons work when APU power is off, shows the buttons are assigned to the correct function and are capable of working. They just 'get stuck' once the APU power is on and it's started.

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