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Awful VAS loads...suggestions?

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Ok lets start off with the problem, 70-86% VAS when loaded up into a payware airport with the NGX, PMDG 777 and Airbus the time i reach TOD i HAVE TO SAVE AND RESTART , i have all my addons textures at the lowest RES for eg airports and cloud textures...i use orbx global...texture max load is scenery settings are what ORBX global recommends which is isnt maxed out and LOD radius at Medium, also i only have VC shadows and Aircraft shadows enabled. Specs - GTX 750ti 2gb, 8gb ram, i7 4790k....i use the Fiber frame time fractioning tweak at 0.01 and optomize parts


My VAS loads are so bad one time i had to save and restart the sim TWICE whilst doing OMDB - EGLL with the t7 using Flytampa and Uk2000....i then OOM'd when i taxied out :( helps please...i am sure that "something" is causing high loads because this is unbelievabley awful, THANKS :)

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Reloading during a long haul is not uncommon and probably is common practice, what's your cloud layers assuming you use ASN uncheck enhance overcast conditions or high detail thunderstorms. That's assuming you are running that, also what's your cloud resolution set at, if you are using rex these should be at 512 and 1024. Also if your auto generated sliders are above dense you might as well lower those to normal and buildings to sparse.

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i use the Fiber frame time fractioning tweak at 0.01 and optomize parts


As mentioned before, 0.01 is not a recognized value. The lowest you can go is 0.10. Using 0.01 is essentially using the default value of .33.


Jose, any value less than 0.10 is not simply ignored, it automatically reverts to the default value of 0.33.


Valid ranges for this parameter are 0.10 to 2.0, and still affects only the primary core's thread.

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