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Doug Moldenhauer

Keyboard and Response issue

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  I've recently upgraded to Windows 10 64-bit.  I decided to install FSX and RC 4.3 as I haven't flown in quite a while.   RC seems to be working however it can sometimes take 30 to 40 seconds after a key-press

for RC to do anything.  It seems like it just hangs.   I don't know if this happens to be a Windows 10 compatibility problem or something isn't configured right.  I'm using the latest registered version of



I haven't been able to find any info regarding this problem.   Any Ideas as to why this might be happening?

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Display text in RC options should be off.


Try installing this to check what's running on your PC from:

I just put  it on my Win 7 Pro system I'm putting together. See if you are getting any CPU or RAM starvation.


In Win 7 and I assume later, my BIOS has an option to switch complex math calculations to the much more efficient graphics processor on my graphics card, an NVidia GT970X. I don't use on-board graphics.


The top pain is of interest as it shows what processes are running, how much physical ram is consumed, etc. You'll see also by hovering a mouse over the process name the command line with parameters that called it as there may be the same names for multiple instances of the same process. The CPU loading for each process is given. You can also had columns for how much virtual and physical ram each process is consuming. At the bottom you should see page swapping activity. In your task bar you will see a miniture CPU loading graph. Clicking on it will switch to that window.


If you know your system stuff you can kill and restart a process but be aware kiling/restarting a critical process could hang your pc.


FS will take all of the RAM it can consume.


While dealing with any RC audio halting can be solved by using a discrete sound card, not the built in one, that might be a clue.


Be sure RC has been declared a "safe" application in your antivirus setup. I trust you have also setup both properties pages of the shortcut starting RC to run as admin.


Win 10 has been boasted to use some services via the Internet cloud. See if anything FS and RC is using requires cloud connection.


Take a look at running applications affinity for core assignment of the CPU and priority. Ask on the hardware forum or on the Win 10 forum I believe has started up here.


RC uses fsuipc to trap keystrokes. If you have to many apps using it it can slow up the throughput of fsuipc among the apps using it. It is generally pretty efficient.

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