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Lancair Legacy and 8bit Texture Fix (v2.9)

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Yes don't select 8 Bit Fix!!    There is a warning icon at the bottom of the DX10 Controller and if you press the diagnostics button it will warn you that it is set on.


The problem with 8 bit texture used in some aircraft built for older versions of flight simulator (I don't want to say legacy as it has nothing to do the Lancair Legacy)  is that the core fsx engine in DX10 mode gets the alpha channel reversed and objects such as wheels do not appear.


The fix for this is to convert the 8 bit textures used by the problem aircraft using the Dx10 Toolbox to a different format which works.


For testing and occasional use the 8 bit fix tries to spot likely candidates and reverse the alpha channel on the fly.  Unfortunately 8 bit textures are not labelled as such and so it has to guess.   The accuracy of this guess  isn't bad but it isn't 100% so if you leave the 8 bit fix ticked you will find problems such as this.

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