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SOP2: ELEC off during descent?

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Hello again:


I just finished another flight, and I'm noticing a trend beginning here (this is somewhat new), but I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong, or, that matter, what I'm even doing differently.  I just recently switched to SOP 2; I don't think it started precisely then, but it may have. 


Sometime between when I call for the Descent Checklist prior to descent and 10,000 (I know it's not right at descent, but I didn't pay attention to which flow the FO was working on at the time), I get a Master Caution: ELEC.  I look(/pan) up, to discover that my FO has turned off the #1 and #2 ELEC switches.  I summarily turn them back on and continue the approach normally, but I haven't been able to figure out what I'm doing that triggers this.


I just went through the SOP 2 Tutorial again and double-checked..  I think I'm doing my flows correctly.  Any idea what might trigger this?  Could I be doing something wrong after giving the FO "control" while I set up for descent?

I did go and check the Failures menu (in the FMC, not the default FS dialog) and confirmed that nothing had failed.  I'm truly stumped here.  Any help appreciated.

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Check your CVR log.


All I can think of is that the system heard a voice command to turn off those Elec Switches.  You may have coughed or mumbled something and the system interprets that as a command.


This is why I recommend enabling Hard Mute if you don't expect to use a voice command for a significant period of time.

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