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Finding good checklists for the cold and dark and vnav capabilities

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Hello guy :)



I recently bought the Q400 and im little lost (comming from the pmdg 777 for two years now) i have a miss understand with some points of the cold and dark and descent.


- First, after bring up the engines I have warning of GEN 1 & 2 (they are both on) and R TU & L TU (don't know what is that...)



-Second, does VNAV calcute your full vertical path ? or you have to put restriction according to the charts into the FMS to get correct VNAV path profile ?



-Third, my plane overshoot the ILS.




I make only one flight i know it's a good plane, i think im forgeting some things and i want to know what things :) if you have a link to checklist or a good manual to use corectly this beautiful airplane i will be very happy to see that  :smile:



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1) The AC generators won't kick in until the condition levers are push beyond the START/FEATHER position


2) VNAV will not generate a vertical profile unless a target waypoint and altitude are entered on the FMS VNAV page, but do not input them until you are at cruise level (i.e. after you've finished climbing), it will then calculate ToD and a vertical path based solely on the target vertical speed you input (it does not understand "above" or "below" and it will ignore any altitude restrictions between your current position and the selected VNAV waypoint). When you reach your target, you must use the FMS VNAV again to set the next target, otherwise VNAV will finish.


Using the FMS VNAV page can be complicated at first, so I recommend the tutorial at


Autopilot VNAV mode can only be selected 2 minutes before Top of Descent (ToD), when a magenta "v" is displayed on the PFD above the vertical deviation scale. Ensure MCP selected altitude is below the current level.

3) Can't explain overshooting ILS, try a shallower intercept angle or slower speed?


I recommend completing the "Advanced tutorial" at

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