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  1. My last question is stupid, when you have the new 747 with airac updated the 737 is fully updated too :)
  2. Hi guys, I have make recently a fresh install of fsx, then i installed the new 747 pmdg.My question is, can i install the 737 of pmdg ? I use the 600 so i have to install the base package but it just to know if there is a dll conflict or bug in fsx with thoses 2 great planes ? Other question if this possible, can i take the airac folder of the 747 for my 737 ? Thanks
  3. I think you must check your settings, i have a i7 3.6GHz 4790 (non-overcloacked) and a gtx970 on win7 with 8gb of ram and i can run it very smootly.Also i have tweak on nvidia inspector, dx10 scenery fixer and few things on the fsx.cfg. Another thing, if you use ASN you should reduce your distance cloud settings.
  4. I have both plane but a lot of hours on the 777.I like both but the 747 is like a legend and i have more fps (2-3) than the 777. When you have to fly it's difficult to chose one or the other For now i have like 10 flights on the 747 and coming from the 777 it's easy to fly, i mean this 2 planes are very easy to fly when you started the simulation with the first 737 of pmdg.I will not say one is better of the otther, they are very good together.
  5. Im in the case of Tonytran, i chose to do manual update install. Win7 is a great OS, i will not upgrade to Win10 cause it's a piece of ######.Update modify all your settings, then those updates restore all application you turned off before. see the task manager with win7 and win10 there is a hudge difference.
  6. Yeah i like the realism of x-plane but sometimes this boucing is really anoying.
  7. Hi, Im pretty new user on x-plane, so i bought the 767 and im realy happy with him.But one question remain, do you have a boucing plane on take off and landing too ?
  8. Well... im a little bit disappointed, i just buy the brand new pmdg 747 from the pmdg website then i install it and reboot the computer.At start up i enter my activation code then go into the plane.. and nothing appear and i can't touch nothing on the cockpit.When i end the fly by the menu or on the top right same thing: "FSX crash cause: 747QOTSII.dll" Here are the screen, most strange, on external view i don't have any view of the landing gear.I just purchased it tonight and i can send my activation code in private at the pmdg team if necessary.My computer spec is detailed afther the screens. Computer spec: i7 4790 GTX970 8GB of ram SSD samsung evo 250gb mothercard: asusZ97 gaming Os: windows 7/64 Using Fsx Problem: all is black, i can't switch nothing Crash happen every time after i want to leave fsx. Steps i do: Try to uninstall it then run ccleaner and delete my fsx.cfg for a new one, reboot, install it another time and reboot. I just have the following feeling, i spend 89 for nothing....
  9. Does the A320 is realistic addon ? Many simulated Systems ? Sound is good ? VNAV/LNAV and fmc work fine ? I mean before spend 100 dollars i want to be sure the other customers are happy with him... :wink: i often fly the dash pro version so i want a complex addon similar to it if y pay 100 dollars.
  10. Yeah, i just can hope that will not happen in real world for real pilots because trained or not trained a fire on board is a very dangerous case.
  11. Thanks for you answer :smile: Yeah i switch to exterior view to see what happen but as you said after i begin a dangerous stall on the left after doing that, i make greats mistakes but i was really scared about crash the plane... on real world i will not here to write this message cause i died :(
  12. Hi, Yesterday i was going to Abidjan and i got a engine fire, all parameters for landing was fine then i lost number 1 and hear a "Boum" song coming from behind.. i was totaly confused about what happen now and i don't really know th procédure in this case.Lucky i am, i always reccord my landings with fraps (it's a very important part of learn for me cause you can see after what mistake you do) so the vidéo is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zN2SeL3SQlg Can someone tell me what can doing that ?
  13. I purshased the cadet too and i will buy soon the FO version.Very good job and explaination, i learned a lot.
  14. Solved, the supports send me a new link download with the good exe :wink: like you say above i was trying to download an sp version.
  15. Yes, i send one email with the keys for registration product.
  16. Thanks for your answer :wink: I try tor regist the maddog but i have "internal error" i read their website got a problem with the registration on the but it was in 2015... im asking if there anyone behind this website cause of my registration account is not accept yet.
  17. So if this corect where they have the original launcher ? that is the question because the maddog was working fine with my old ssd before
  18. Hi charlie, I don't think, i downloaded it from maddog download page with this file name exe "FLY_THE_MADDOG_PRO_SP2"
  19. Hello, Im back today with another problem, remember yesterday i downloaded he maddog from the maddog website (launcher 184Mo) to install it on my new SSD but i don't install it finaly i leaved my computer for some reason. Today happy to install it, i execute the maddog launcher and after choose the location for install i have this error "Installation required file missing" when i click next.So i go to the maddog website but im not registered yet cause of manual accept of admins.I see on their forum a guy which encountered the same problem but i relly don't understant very well the issue. http://www.flythemaddog.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=8528
  20. Thanks all ! I was scared cause the download webpage was offline 4 hours ago, im downloading it now :smile:
  21. For me the Dash is extremely good realistic and complex but after 2 or 3 flight, the VNAV and the learning of how manage your speed, will become slowly. It's not a plane for kids, it's a plane for who like really the mechanic and the planes.For exemple take an aerosoft airbus is boring.
  22. @ubersu, I bought it on the maddog website, do you mean i have to re-buy it?? If i got to simmarket with my purchase code can i download it ?
  23. Hi guys :wink: I changed my SSD and im reeinstalling all my fsx but one of my favorites plane with the dash and the T7 is missing yet, The good and old Maddog pro 2010.When i go to the website for download it i got a "Web page unvailable", so what ? how i can download the maddog maybe on other site ? I want this plane on my airport you know :smile:
  24. Ok thanks :smile: Step 1 and 2 is Ok now, for step 3 i have some trouble to manage my speed on final approach, need more practice.
  25. Hi guys, I have 3 problems remmaining on this beautiful plane.I will try to describe them simply dand quickly :wink: 1- I don't find the button to make the trottles to GA mode... 2- What parameters in fsx or mjc8 control panel i have to change for my joystick ? during take off the plane is going to the left, i read it's normal but i don't know wich settings change 3- Sometimes, the plane is capturing my glidescope to hard and take a dangerous angle to catch it, what im missing here ? Finaly... i love this plane, hear his engines during T/O flight and landing is very enjoyful, and more like that the systems are very completed, one of the most better add-on in fsx for sure :smile:
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