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I've had FSX since it came out and all the predecessors to it. Using Win7 Prof here with tons of add-ons collected over the years. Since I have fully implemented you DX10 Scenery Fixer, my frame rates at 50% better and my simulator has never looked so good nor ran so well. Thank you, Steve, for this wonderful experience.

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can't miss another chance myself to thank SteveFX for doing the job of a thousand developers and bringing it all together in his NO.1 FSX TOOL. 

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while we're at it, question for you, SteveFx :wink:
Is there anything worth experimenting with among these lines in FSX\ShadersHLSL\Common\Common.fxh?


#define MAX_BONES  22


#define D3DTEXF_NONE          0
#define D3DTEXF_POINT         1
#define D3DTEXF_LINEAR        2

bool  State_AlphaBlendEnable         : STATE_ALPHABLENDENABLE         = false;
bool  State_ShadowAlphaBlendEnable   : STATE_SHADOWALPHABLENDENABLE   = false;
bool  State_TextureAlphaBlendEnable  : STATE_TEXTUREALPHABLENDENABLE  = false;
bool  State_FallbackAlphaBlendEnable : STATE_FALLBACKALPHABLENDENABLE = false;
bool  State_FogEnable                : STATE_FOGENABLE                = true;
bool  State_ZWriteEnable             : STATE_ZWRITEENABLE             = true;
dword State_ColorWriteEnable         : STATE_COLORWRITEENABLE;
dword State_ZFunc                    : STATE_ZFUNC                    = D3DCMP_LESSEQUAL;
bool  State_SpecularEnable           : STATE_SPECULARENABLE           = false;
bool  State_StencilEnable            : STATE_STENCILENABLE            = false;
dword State_TextureWrap              : STATE_TEXTUREWRAP              = D3DTADDRESS_WRAP;
dword State_MinFilter                : STATE_MINFILTER                = D3DTEXF_LINEAR;
dword State_MagFilter                : STATE_MAGFILTER                = D3DTEXF_LINEAR;
dword State_MipFilter                : STATE_MIPFILTER                = D3DTEXF_LINEAR;
dword State_MipMapLodBias            : STATE_MIPMAPLODBIAS            = 0;
dword State_SrcBlend                 : STATE_SRCBLEND                 = 2;
dword State_DstBlend                 : STATE_DSTBLEND                 = 1;
dword State_CullMode                 : STATE_CULLMODE                 = 3;
bool  State_AlphaTestEnable          : STATE_ALPHATESTENABLE          = false;
dword State_AlphaTestFunction        : STATE_ALPHATESTFUNCTION        = D3DCMP_LESSEQUAL;
dword State_AlphaTestThreshold       : STATE_ALPHATESTTHRESHOLDBYTE   = 255;
float State_FinalAlphaBlendFactor    : STATE_FINALALPHABLENDFACTOR    = 1.0;
float State_BlendedEmissiveFactor    : STATE_BLENDEDEMISSIVEFACTOR    = 1.0;
float4 State_BlendConstant           : STATE_BLENDCONSTANT;

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