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FSX Freezes after clean install of FSX & Windows 7

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I'm posting here as a last resort.


I recently upgraded my pc to an i7 4790k and have been trying to get my pc up and running properly ever since.


I installed windows then the 1st update I installed was service pack 1.


Windows itself is running fine & not having any problems with that.


So last night I installed FSX and the install freezes for a few minutes on removing applications, the continues the install (this has never happened to me prior to updating pc).


After the install has finished I launched FSX for the 1st time, then exited it and ran a defrag of the drive.


Next I installed FSX acceleration pack and that freezes on updating component registration (same as FSX freeze on removing applications), then continues the install successfully.


After installing acceleration I ran FSX once then exited and defraged the hard drive.


I then went into my programs/features and there isn't 2 entries e.g., one entry for FSX and one entry for acceleration I just have 1 called ms flight simulator x acceleration pack.


Now I haven't put any changes to any FSX settings and when I load into FSX I can fly around for a few minutes & then the simulator will freeze on the view I'm currently on, but here's the strange thing I press S to change views and I can hear the sound change as I change views but the actual view doesn't change it stays on the frozen view but the sound changes as if I'm changing views.


Can I get some expertise from the avsim community on how to fix my freeze problem as everything is a fresh install.


Thanks heaps in advance.



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Just a thought, if it is a re-install, maybe the old FSX.cfg is causing a problem? It could be possible that it was left behind when the original FSX was uninstalled.


I use 'Everything' from as a desktop search engine.

Just do a desktop search to see if FSX.cfg is anywhere, delete it & re-run FSX.


Maybe that will do the trick.

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Hi there. I'll do a search for an additional config but this is a fresh install of windows 7 aswell so surely that would have erased anything previously on the computer.


I will try deleting the FSX config and letting it build another one.


Would FSX acceleration be causing a problem.

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I would just like to update everyone as I have solved my FSX & P3D freezing.


The issue was related to 2 things.


1) A faulty graphics card (which is now replaced)

2) the EVGA precision X software was another cause. Uninstalled this after installing new graphics card and haven't had any crashes.


Apparently the latest version of the provision x software which was just released the day I got my new card fixes all the previous freezing problems but I haven't reinstalled it.


So thanks for all your help.


I've marked this as solved.

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