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Thinking to tranfer or not...

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Well, i am currently a FSX user and have been for a while, but im wanting to transfer to p3d as the graphics look much more smoother.


I'm just wondering what addons i would need on p3d and how much it would cost (PMDG, EzDok, Ground Crew etc)

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Speaking from personal experience, the smoothness that you heard about is not an instant or guaranteed solution.  Other folks could get into the technical aspects of how the two differ, but in layman's terms, P3D "offloads" more of the graphics demand onto the GPU, which can help.  I started out like you did and I too made the switch.  I DO see a difference, but at the same time, it is possible to get OOMs, lower framerates so try to look into the move with an educated decision.


Also consider that there are add-ons out there that are not compatible with P3D, or have dual/triple installers (ex. FSX/P3D V1/P3D v2).  For PMDG aircraft, they have separate installers for each sim.  I still have yet to migrate to the P3D versions of PMDG aircraft (mainly cost right now).  ORBX, on the other hand, has a great many of their airports with multiple installers built-in (as I stated above).


I want to stress again that you want to have as much info as possible to make that educated decision before purchasing.  Also, remember that P3D is not for entertainment (gaming) purposes.  If you are a pro pilot, a student pilot or developer, then you qualify and those classifications also dictate cost for P3D as well.  i would read up on LM's website about the differences to confirm, of course.


There are a ton of threads here on AVSIM that discuss differences, issues, resolutions, etc. so it is advisable to check those out too.


I am sure I will get countered on a lot of what I said by others here, so take it for what it's worth, but the free information you receive here is priceless.



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The thing that really impressed me about P3D and it got me back into simming again after a few years away is the smoothness in P3D compared to any other MSFS version I have had, and I have had them all. I don't get OOMs, get decent frame rates with a middle of the road PC, and have zero problems. I stay away from purchasing all kinds of add on scenery and airports, because that will screw up any sim program. Try it, if you don't like it, you can return it within 60 days for a refund.. bet you will keep it. 

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I stay away from purchasing all kinds of add on scenery and airports, because that will screw up any sim program.

You obviously are free to not use any add-on scenery  :wink: but personally I don't think I would be flying in P3D if I had to use default scenery. Maybe that's also because I am a low and slow flyer...? But default scenery sucks big time compared to what Orbx scenery shows (I only fly in FTX regions). To each his own, obviously.


To the OP: what you need isn't the right question, it's what you want. And prices can be found on the various developers website. Most developers offer free P3D versions of their add ons (if you own them already, obviously), some ask a small fee and some (how dare they) want you to buy the product all over again. 


And PLEASE do not respond to Jims remark about 'entertainment (gaming) purposes'... It's forbidden to talk about this here: simply make up your own mind like every gamer simmer pilot here did.  B) Or PM someone you know or trust if you do have questions.

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