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Aerobrask - ANtares 20 E electric glider...

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The Antares was the glider I "flew" the most in Silent Wings. It was very plausibly modeled ( Silent Wings is a great soaring simulator ).


Having started to search for good X-Plane add-ons ( again ) I stopped at the Aerobrask site.


Any of you with this glider in the hangar ? Opinions really welcomed :-)

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I bought this shortly after it came out, and would definitely recommend it for glider-nuts (You used to/or still do fly gliders don't you?). It's beautifully modelled and as detailed as it can be for a glider. They only problem is I never knew what to do with it once I'd done a few launches and landed. I know X-Plane doesn't model thermals too well, so I had to exaggerate the settings to keep it in the air (when not using the engine).


BTW, Jose, it's great to see you back in X-Plane land ;-)

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Thx Tony,


and you don't even imagine how happy I feel for having returned.  I bought the D/L version from LR, and after installing and configuring, my new graphics card revealed it's tru potential with XP10, and I am really enjoying now that great w2xp Europe and Americas scenery :-)


I will certainly give the Antares a try.


IRL I have been flying a lot less than I would like to. Practically only to maintain the license :-/ but better than nothing.... 


There is a very interesting plugin to enhance the soaring experience in XP10, creating some very effects, which are described by the programmer here:


"Advanced concepts already implemented:
- Regular Thermals (not dynamic lift) tend to have a strong core of lift followed by outward softer layers of lift.
- Thermals drift with the wind as they gain altitude. 
- Thermals rise till they reach cloudbase or the top of the lift. At this point they dwindle off. 
- When a wing of a plane hits a thermal and the other wing does not, the plane tends to roll against the lift.
- When the wing of the plane is on a roll, the thermal roll factor is reduced (less arm momentum) 
- Thermals gain and loose strength along with the height of the sun in the sky (accounting for seasons)
A random thermal generator menu allows the user to select quantity of thermals, size and strength. The thermal placement is random, but smart enough not to set thermals above water surfaces. 
A thermal visualization aid (shows markers where the thermals are) exists with an option to turn it on/off on the plugin menu
- Thermals have cycles, begin, middle, end and they tend to keep a basic timming.
- Thermal streets
- Clouds at the top of the thermal (* this is a big one, but I dont know how to do it yet) 
- Read Thremals from a user given CSV file


Grab it from:

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I bought the Antares awhile ago, with the full intent of trying it out.  I have yet to do so... Thanks for this conversation guys, it's reminded me to take a run at this!!

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