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ILS landing issues.

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ILS landing question:

After tuning in the airport frequency into the nav1 radio based on the info from the ATIS report for an ILS approach into Gran Canaria, rather than line up with the runway the plane instead turned around and started flying out into the ocean. I left it to see what it did and it just kept flying out into nowhere. No matter what ILS frequency I tuned in it still did the same thing. Why is this? Also on approach to some airports the GPS wont pick up the airport code, even for large international airports, meaning I cant set the ILS frequency seemingly meaning I have no other choice but to manually land the plane. Surly this wouldn't be the case for real world pilots. Why can I get the ILS frequencies for some airports but not others? Any help would be appreciated.

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Just few quick tips from me.


What plane are you flying?

First, make sure you are putting in the right frequency into the nav1. 

Make sure you are intercepting glide slope from the below.

Make sure you are in autopilot APP MODE (approach), and that it confirms locking on GS (glide slope) and VOR LOC.


Some autopilots have their angle limits, and you can't engage them with any bearing. Make sure you are on the final to the runway to switch from HDG MODE into APP or VOR LOC.



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Gran Canaria ILS settings.


Runway 21R - 110.70 Mhz

Runway 03L - 109.90 Mhz




Lining up with the runway for an ILS approach flying the default FSX 737-800


Assuming you have your radios set up correctly and your current heading is correct. You will also already know which angle you need to approach the runway (left or right) when you carried out your flight plan.

A rough guide

Nearing the airport, about 25miles out and depending if you are approaching left or right, add or subtract 30 degrees on your heading gauge.
As soon as you hear the radio start bleeping flick the NAV switch and then press the Heading button. The aircraft will then turn onto the set heading. You can then control the heading manually. I am normally heading for an altitude of 2500-3000ft (default 737-800). You can turn the radio nav1 button off if you don't want to go mad with the constant bleeping, it will still work.

As you make your manual heading turns towards the runway and around 10-12 miles out hit the APP button. When the aircraft has almost gone past the turn for approach it will pick up the ILS, take control and turn you towards the runway, the heading light will then go out.
At 2500-3000ft (depending what you set) and around 7-9 miles out the aircraft will pick up the glide slope and start descending you towards the runway.


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There are occasions when ATC vectors you to intercept the ILS when only the localizer has become active, glideslope indicator is centered and not moving. This is usually when you are still more than 15 miles from airport.  Hitting approach button will result in a failed approach and cause the plane to descend since altitude hold is turned off.  When vectored to intercept the ILS and I see the glideslope has not "become alive" yet I use the heading button to turn the aircraft towards the localizer and maintain altitude until the glideslope becomes alive, then it is safe to hit approach button.

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