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  1. I purchased the Steam Edition in June of 2016 and have had 2 crashes since that time.
  2. philabos

    FSX upgrade

    I have virtually the same add ons for FSX SE which looks great and the Steam Edition has worked flawlessly for me. If the boxed version was the only option, I would have dumped FSX long ago. even though I could not take my Overland planes with me. With the Steam edition, I think I still have the best of both worlds.
  3. philabos

    Transferring from FSX to FSX Stream

    I would also recommend Steam installed under C:\Steam, not Program Files(x86). Also strongly agree with the above comment, dual installs will create havoc. Nonetheless well worth the effort. Have run FSX SE for years now, one crash.
  4. I have to say I downloaded X-Life for AI traffic from JARDesign preparing to be disappointed. It's free, so why not try? I have used it at EGKK at was blown away by how good it looks. Accurate airlines, great sounds, at least from what I have seen so far.
  5. philabos

    FSX or Prepar3D?

    I looked at this thread because I always have the same question. All of what has been said about FSX boxed is true. Drove me up the wall. Ever since I switched to FSX SE, darn near 100% reliable. Kind of OT because I am already an FSX SE happy camper, but thought I would comment just for the sake of balance. Maybe one day I will "upgrade". But probably not today.
  6. philabos

    Losing connection

    Installed Simlauncher in FSX SE and all seems to run fine. My problem is every time I minimize Launcher, the map loses connection with FSX, i.e. it no longer tracks the aircraft. I can reconnect, but do not want to do that every time. Any suggestions appreciated.
  7. philabos

    Losing connection

    Thanks Maarten Tried your suggestions with no luck. Running GPS and FST alongside track aircraft fine. Have sent log file Thanks Warren
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    I purchased RC4 long ago and have an order number. However when I try to register I receive an auto reply that states the original did not come from my old email. Fine. Change email message sent to site as stated in FAQs. No response after 5 days. How long would it be expected to receive a reply?
  9. philabos

    FSX-SE Stability

    I am running FSX SE with ORBX, ASN, REX, My Traffic, FSCaptain. No issues. For the price, cannot go wrong.
  10. philabos

    Windows 10

    Running RC4 with FSX Steam Windows 10, no issues. Assume you already have msstdfmt.dll.
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    Successful registration 1/5 Thanks
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    Guess it is time for me to send a second request. When you move and change providers you can no longer use the original email address to request a new key for a new computer.
  13. philabos


    Have heard nothing. Request sent Wednesday 12/23 Warren
  14. philabos

    Looking For an AI Traffic Prog

    I use MyTraffic in conjunction with Air Traffic Manager which limits AI flights to 100 or so. I have seen 300+ flight around London for instance, which will bring FSX to its knees.
  15. philabos

    ILS landing issues.

    Also make sure your nav is not set to gps instead of nav Have done this more than once myself
  16. Had the same problem with ORBX. Downloaded the flight registry repair tool from Flight1 and pointed it to my FSX SE install. Worked for me.
  17. Anyone have this working with FSX SE? Have the latest FSUIPC but ATM does not connect.
  18. philabos


    Virtualcol Dash 8 30% off
  19. I am running ORBX Global, Vector, and LC Europe in FSX-SE and have had great results. The boxed version would crash every other day but with SE only crashed once in 2 months and that was because I did not update my ORBX Central. Everyone's system is different and I know people will say there is no advantage to SE, but for me it's been well worthwhile. ORBX also has a Steam support sub forum now to make things easier.
  20. philabos

    Air Traffic Manager

    It is possible ATM is looking for the boxed version. You might try the Flighyt1 registry repair found at, point the FSX to FSX SE, fire up ATM and see if that works.
  21. philabos

    Air Traffic Manager

    The simconnect version is 10642 and it did run from that folder. Do you hasve boxed version installed as well?
  22. philabos

    Air Traffic Manager

    Please note I was referring to FSX Steam Edition. In any case, location is Steam Library/Steamapps/common/FSX/SDK/CoreUtilitiesKit/SimconnectSDK/LegacyInterfaces/FSX-SP1 Run the simconnect installer.
  23. My rig is old - GTX280. I could hardly get through a flight without FSX stopped working with the boxed version. Out of frustration, bought FSX SE at the full $25.00 price six weeks ago (it's now apparently $12.49 "full price" after the $5 sale ended). My GTX280 will not even run P3D. I have REX, ORBX FT Global, Vector and LC Europe, FS Tramp, FS Captain, DX10 Fixer all installed and have not had a single crash in six weeks. At these prices, it would seem worthwhile just in case the cat scratches your boxed DVD. As for me, no regrets on paying full price, the results have been well worth the money.
  24. philabos

    Air Traffic Manager

    Figured it out. In the event anyone else is interested, you should execute the simconnect version in the SDK folder, FSX-SP1; this is version 10642. Air Traffic Manager will then connect and does work in Steam.