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My return to Flight also

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Having read Kavinda's post about returning to Flight, I started getting the urge to get back in too.  I've been out of Flight and FSX for a good while now due to a computer problem that I couldn't quite put my fingers on. Any major graphics load would perform a warm reboot of my system .Turns out, as I suspected, that my 3 year old Gigabyte Geforce 670 card was failing.  Thank goodness I had kept my old GT9800 when I built my new computer 3 years ago. I popped it in and Flight fired right up.


So for my test of the card stability, I flew a covert mission from St. Paul island in the C-46 at night. Wide open at less than 300 ft. msl. About halfway to St. George, my copilot asdvised that there was another aircraft and that we should avoid it. I looked around and saw the marker at 3 miles. Very shortly it disappeared and was not seen again.


Successfully landed  at St. George, and made over 14000 points.  Nice to get back. The 9800 worked fine.


My new GT980ti should be delivered today so I should be able to fly more and get back into some of the other things I was in before the card problem.


Keep it flying Flight enthusiasts.




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Hey Rick,

Nice to see you returning to Flight and got your graphics card problem fixed!

I've just been digging out some work that I had done previously (over 2 years ago in fact) and found some missions which I never managed to fully complete and publish. So today, I spent some time combing through the .xml files and fixing little bits that were causing problems.

Unfortunately, they are all landing challenges which have been hand tweaked through .xml - anything more complex would require something like the Flight Mission Editor.

Please bear in mind that these were created a while ago when I had little experience in Mission creation and have never been through a beta testing period! I might add several more for different airports around the world and when some converted aircraft are released.

Contains 4 Challenges:

  • Icon A5 Landing Challenge 7
  • Kasitsna - Landing Challenge 1
  • Alaska - C-46 Landing Challenge 1
  • Alaska - C-46 Landing Challenge 2

The pack can be found here.
This addon requires Majuh's brilliant Snow weather themes addon which can be downloaded from this thread.


Please report any errors/glitches if you find them!

Enjoy! :smile:

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Thanks, I managed to complete all challenges, although I have to say that the C-46 is quite big for those short runways!

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As it turns out, I replaced my video card and power supply. Spent too much, haha.  But, I can't believe my graphics performance. I can run virtually anything I have at its' highest settings.  This 980 ti is unbelievable. I'm not sure how much vram the programs are using, but with 6 gigs, it seems to be fine.  I haven't overclocked anything at all either.


Now, as I get time, I'm going back and flying some planes to places I miss.


I need to load the latest version of tools so I can fly more airports, but right now I'm just doing jobs.


Good to be going again.

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