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Can anyone help me with the error in the attached image, i've installed the latest libraries from the website.




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What is the problem ?

If you are installing into P3D v3 then why ?


The developers have expressly stated that these .dll's will not work in that sim without modification. WAIT.


If you can't wait, then good luck, you're on your own.


Follow this forum or their official form for the updated list of V3-compatible installers and product.

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Ehem, if I may...


Last night (with hand on Bible), I started to reinstall add-ons that are approved V3 compatible, starting with ORBX's FTX Global.  That installed with no issues, in fact, it came with the updated FTX Central V2 (a welcome sight) and I had zero issues working with that.  When FTX Central V2 opened, i was greeted with a message that I needed to update the ORBX Library, which I did, via ORBX's website.  Downloaded it, installed it, no issue.  I even went one step further to check insertion points, which I found needed adjusted as i already UK2000's Manchester installed prior to FTX Global, so I made the adjustments there, no issue.  I fired up V3, performed a short flight from EGCC nad I had spectacular performance and agian, no issues to report (maybe for the lighting at the airport being rather dark, but that can be adjusted later, no worries).


After having a wonderful experience with V3, coupled with FTX Global, I splurged and bought two more UK2000 sceneries, Gatwick and Jersey.  I installed Gatwick last night, ran V3 again and had yet again a wonderful short flight, no issues whatsoever.  I got a little ahead of myself and after installing EGKK, I didn't go back into FTX Central to check insertion points, but there was no need as everything loaded properly and I had no conflicts.


I have yet to install Jersey, but I suspect the same end results.  I can't say enough good things about V3.  In fact, I noticed that the FTX Global lights lighting is a little more realistic...maybe it's just me, maybe the functionality and rendering of the lights in V3 is improved, but like I always say, I won't look this beautiful gifthorse in the mouth! :)



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151001 Library update does not include peopleflow and objectflow.dll's IIRC. Not for v3 anyway.It is purely a holding action to enable the installation of non-*flow.dll product such as texture packs.


Installing is not the same as meeting the requirements of the sim. Check this post for details.


It is still for the aiport designers to adapt their product to suit the new requirements for P3D. If it were a simple installer, I don't doubt FTX would have had one in the market or near-to by now, as the migration to v3 from 2.5 appears to be accelerating and they must be losing sales, as well as installation momentum, from the absence. 


I know that I'm not reinstalling PNW or Oz until nearly all the product that was made for them in v2 works and is available as a direct install in v3. I'm also not buying any new product that isn't v3-compliant. I've got a raft of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales addons that I can't and won't use until the whole range is available. Stupidly I did install the FTX EU England update but of course none of the addon airports install properly at this time.

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