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FTX Wales and FTX Scotland Quad installer ready

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Wales and Scotland now updated wth V3 installers and a switch option for frozen water in winter.


Now here's a funny thing:


I had England already installed and use UTX Europe for Landclass and vector features, not FTX Vector. Flying out of Bellegarde (LFBL) in France, with no changes whatsoever to scenery library or sequencing I now see many more cultivated fields, far less scrub, and better definition of townscapes and cities with Wales and Scotland added. 


My guess is that Wales and Scotland added those textures, which are then picked up by the landclass UTX Europe uses.


It's simply stunning ! 


If you are going to install these, and already have FTX Global and/or Europe (England) already installed, it might be worth taking a VFR check flight around your known patch in Europe, observe the landscape, then install Wales and Scotland, then take the same flight again and see if you also see changed landclass (textures). 

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Interesting observations Mallcott.  Thanks for the tipoff about the quad installers.  Their trickling in slowly but it's worth the wait as I have not had a single issue getting them installed and working in v3.



Engage, research, inform and make your posts count! -Jim Morvay

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I had FTX Global and Vector installed under 2.5, and I didn't notice this conspicuous change then - but I had added England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland a long time back, so maybe I just missed it. 


Or maybe it's a function of UTX Europe, which I only installed in FSX. Either way, it's interesting as it must mean the called textures themselves are being replaced as there's no way FTX installers can affect UTX landclass.  

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Woo hoo!  Was hoping WLS and SCO would be next, to go with ENG.   I like exploring this part of the world.  In a relatively short flight, you can see drastically different terrain.    Time to take the the A2A Comanche up to the Orkney and Shetland Isles for some exploring!

Bill (JYW)

XP11 ~ P3D ~ FSX:SE

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I really need the Irish set to complete things - but then we will be waiting on updated airports.


It never truly ends, the waiting...  :Whistle:

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