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PMDG Contributor Tutorials ... an idea

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I must admit, I enjoy working through tutorials.  I get a lot of information from YouTube, Angle of Attack, and other educational venues, but nothing ties all this knowledge together better than a well written tutorial.  Step by step with information and options on a written page ... yeah, that's the ticket.

Ryan has written some wonderful tutorials for PMDG, especially on the 737 NGX and the 777.  His tutorial #2 on the NGX is a masterpiece.  I have worked these tutorials so often, I can almost do them without reference, ALMOST.  It's a very time consuming and difficult effort to produce a good tutorial, I'm sure.

So I had an idea.  Wouldn't it be great for some of the very knowlegeable and willing participants of this forum to generate their own tutorials, publish them on AVSIM in a collected location and open them to scrutiny and conversation.  Let's take some of the pressure off Ryan, and let him finish #2 on the 777.

These tutorials wouldn't have to broad cold and dark to shutdown tutorials (although they certainly could be), but could concentrate on a particular aspect of 777 operations, such as fueling, flight planning, in flight operations, emergency procedures, etc.

We could even have contests, voted on by members, for best tutorials in certain categories.  The possiblities are endless.  A lot of the AVSIM members, like me, are retired and have some spare time to contribute.

What do you think?        

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There were certainly 3rd party tutorials (written form) available for NGX. I suppose there are some for 777 as well.


Concept of modular tutorials is interesting, but I think would run the risk of just becoming too massive a document, at which point you might as well read FCTM and FCOM.

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