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NVIDIA Graphics Driver Crash

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Hello everyone,


For the past month or so, I haven't been able to complete a single flight on my sim (FSX). Sometime during the middle of the flight, my monitors black out and then I get a message saying that the Nvidia drivers have crashed/stopped working and has recovered. The sim becomes a black screen and the only thing i can do is press the close button to exit the sim. I've looked online for many fixes including uninstalling a certain windows update, using a microsoft "fix it" program to fix the registry, reinstall the latest drivers, and so on. I haven't been able to fix the problem so's pretty annoying not being able to complete a flight :/  Does anybody know of any other fixes to this issue? Thank you all.


i5-4670k 3.4GHZ

MSI GTX750ti 2GB


FSX Acceleration

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Hello Cathay.  I had this very problem before and with the help of Jim Young  i got rid of my black screen problems.


You might want to completely Uninstall your old Nvidea Drivers first which will leave a nice clean slate to Reinstall your new Driver. 


To uninstall your Nvidea Driver,  download this program, this will uninstall all files and folders related to your old drivers



Open the folder.  You will see this.  Right click and Run as Administrator





 Run in safe mode.  Your computer will restart automatically 






Click red arrow.  Your computer will restart  automatically





Then run Ccleaner (free version) this will clean anything left over.  Run Cleaner and Registry    https://www.piriform...leaner/download






Reinstalling your new Driver


Right click on the Nvidea Installer and Run as Administrator, there would be harm to also add add it to your Exclusions Zone in your Ant virus Software. 

Run the installer,  you will see this.


Click Custom (red arrow)  and hit next






Check the box  Perform a Clean Installation  and hit next




After installation, restart your computer manually to insure best results.   Try that first anyway and take it from there. 

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Thank you so much for the detailed help and explanation! I tried the fix and so far, all is well and the sim is running fine. Let's hope this fix is permanent! I really appreciate it :)

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Hopefully Cathay.   Its the first step to take anyway.   If it doesn't work,  well maybe someone with more knowledge then me can chim in 

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