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Lear cruise power issue? Possible.

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V1.3 with panel dim Mod.


At cruise. Gross about 15,100 Lbs FL390 Heading 090,   OAT -41C,   wind 323@70 ,  IAS 233 knts ,  mach .77   , TAS 425  , GS 460

N1 92% , Fan 92.6% , Temp 670C  ,throttle position 100%  FF 800 PPH each.

The max speed i am getting... is above at 100% power... This seems wrong for the 35A I should be able to over speed this plane by far.


According to the documents i have this GW is fine for this cruise altitude.


Any comments?

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I noticed something similar last night after installing v1.3.


I don't have exact numbers, but I can tell you for sure that she was dragging @$$ all the way up to FL390 and all through the cruise at that altitude.


This was with 5500lbs of fuel and no pax or bags on board at takeoff. 90% N1 for climb and holding 250 IAS the whole way up. Had to increase power passing FL340. Needed about 88% N1 to hold M.74.....burning over 1500pph total.  All this was at ISA +10 or 15  (climbing out of MYNN at 0100Z last night).


It definitely doesn't appear to be as rocket-like as before.



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They increased the drag in v1.3. It was to make decents and slowing down easier. It's an fsx limitation on the fuel consumption. The plane in fsx does burn more than it should at Low altitude and climb and take off thrust. It is pretty close to right at idle on ground and cruise as far as I can tell. I think the drag is a little excessive personally. Maybe tone it down a little in the next update.

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Yea, Thats prob what is happening, It made me thing i had the gear out for 3 hours of flight. 100% throttle and .77 mach at best... not ok. 

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