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Perhaps now is the time to compile all the bugs or improvements for this aircraft so it can be submitted to Carendo for their consideration.

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These are the ones I have found.

FLC does not capture the current speed. For me, it seems to settle about 8-10 knots above the speed at which it was selected, and then does not respond to the VS/SPEED wheel. The bug should appear at the speed at which it was selected, and then respond to speed changes made with the VS/SPEED wheel.

If I select TERRAIN on the MFD, then de-select TERRAIN on the MFD, TERRAIN remains. Then the MFD will have momentary switches between TERRAIN and no TERRAIN, and always returns to TERRAIN.

The landing lights do not illuminate unless the gear is down. They should illuminate regardless. They do alternate, if selected, once illuminated.

I finally discovered through trial and error the right click/left click trick for selecting 1,000 and 100 foot selections on the altitude select wheel. Not very intuitive and completely different than the last version.

I will report on any others I find.


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Quite a few.

1/ I concur with the FLC mode defect, as explained in a prior post.


Some worrying details also:


2/ You want to engage either VS or FLC mode. You cannot check that your instruction is complied with, as none of the VS and FLC buttons illuminate, as HDG, NAV, APR, buttons do.

You must check current status on top of PFD.


3/ Yaw Damper does not operate when the corresponding button is activated.

It functions only with keyboard (CTRL+D), and then the button illuminates. (Rather suprising considering the VS and FLC where the buttons function without illuminating - Here, quite the opposite).

However, when engaging YD as above mentionned, the YD indication appears in green letters on the AP indications line on top of PFD. But if you disengage through keyboard, the button will no more illuminate, although the green YD indication remains on the PFD. Question therefore remains: is it or not functionning?


4/ Some discrepancies also with the Approach mode.

You're in the interception phase of the LOC, with both HDG and ALT mode active. AP information on the top line of PFD shows HDG in green letters, and LOC and GS in white letters. Just before crossing the LOC  beam, HDG mode goes off. LOC and GS information remain in white letters.

However, when the airplane is established on the LOC, and that the GS marker is centered on right scale, you would expect that LOC  and GS indications turn green. Which does not happen.


If something new, il will signal.

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