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  1. @pelayogon, She is actually a very demanding aircraft. I implemented Bert's mods in the air file which do improve her general behavior, in particular as far as roll is concerned. Final approach at the right speed is a real challenge. But after some tens of hours flying, I succeeded yesterday evening in managing a missed approach procedure entirely by hand. The suggested ADF fix works fine.
  2. Hello Happy Taxpayers ! I have now implemented SP1 and SP2, and I am extremely happy with this aircraft. After quite a long flight at FL 300 from LFCL (Clermont Ferrand) to LGSK (Skiathos) in real weather conditions, I was somehow anxious about the perf. I have tried to introduce the am mod in the .air file, changing the drag factor to 0.43. I have registered three flights in strict ISA conditions, at FL 300, FL 260 and FL 100. The mod resulted in rather noticeable inconsistencies. The plane was flying like a rocket! With the original .air file, some discrepancies with regard to the performance charts remain, but speeds are mostly in line with the charts, Have nice flights!
  3. @Bert Pieke Thank you for your answer. I will see to implement your solution.
  4. Happy Pilots, good evening... A small worry about TBM 850 PFD. I see that we can track any NDB - provided, however, we find the trick to tune the right frequency. Up to now, I have proven unable to find the right toggle. Any help, please ?
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