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Aerosoft Airbus A31x/A32x or PMDG 777-x, which one is more automated?

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Between these 2, which one is easier to fly and more user friendly? I'm assuming the airbus is more automated compared to the 777.

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They are two completely different simulation approaches to yet another two completely different aircraft concepts, so, it's difficult to compare them.


Honestly, I think one who really want's to have the best modern Airbus simulation, for the flight dynamics and systems modeling itself, should wait a bit more for the FSLabs A32x, or invest ( if she / he is a professional ) in something like the standalone sim Airlinetools Flightdeck A32X.


For the Boeing simulation in FSX / P3D, IMO nothing comes even close to any offer by PMDG, and again IMO, by far the 777 is presently the "Queen" of their line of products, a sophisticated and highly detailed simulation which happens to be the only reason why I keep a civil flightsim installed ( P3Dv3 ) - simply to use PMDG's 777 200 LR, and looking forward for the release of their 744 / 748i v2...


But, Aerosoft's Airbus is still a very pleasant add-on to use, specially because it can be very didactic on learning the base of MCO in a simulated Airbus, with the interaction with your First Officer included by default. In that respect, it's a great product to have, even to train for the upcoming FSLabs A32x :_)

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Also consider if you prefer a stick or a yoke. Even though the 777 is fly by wire having a yoke still gives it the sensation of actually flying a plane. The Airbus side stick has a very different feel to it.


I prefer yoke hence the reason why I chose the Cessna 150 when I went to flight school over the Katana that uses a stick. Both aircraft were available for similar price but I just like yokes over stick, it is just a personal preference though. 

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