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Help on improving atmosphere, lighting, colors

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I have been a little out of the loop for a while on add ons, but I was watching a few YouTube videos and I am seeing graphics/atmosphere in lesser rigs that put my experience to shame. Yes, I have used a few of the guides for set up (NickN, AVSIM, Word Not Allowed...), but the colors and lighting are totally off.


My current rig is about a year old, but I have not really put it through its paces. On my last system, I played around with Shade and ENB, but I have not installed either on the new system. What are the current/best options for achieving better results?


Right now, I DX9 and I have 1 27" Monitor at 2560x1440. This is what I understand is available:

  • P3DV3: I would upgrade to this - I think most of my add on scenery will work but even though I do have a GSX license, I am pretty attached to ASE. I never bothered installing GSX on the new system.
  • Shade: I bought the thing but I can't even remember if I liked it
  • ENB: I think I stuck with ENB, but I think I had issues with the dark panels/gauges at dusk
  • DX10 Fixer: I believe switching to DX10 would help, but I have no idea what the fixer does or if all of my add ons will work afterwards
  • Sweet FX: This came out after I unplugged from FSX for a while. I have no idea what it is all about.

Any suggestions or words of wisdom?



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I've been using FS forever, but I never had any payware add-ons at all until last summer.


I went on a little spree and bought Orbx Global Base, REX4 w/Soft Clouds, Active Sky Next (those 3 alone make a HUGE difference), and Ground Services X (GSX). The improvements were outstanding. I recently added Orbx FTX Vector and their HD Trees package. I've been flying low and slow for a couple of nights, and I am super happy right now. 


I forgot to mention the fixer, but you already have that...

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Throw in FreeMesh X if you fly outside CONUS with any regularity, also FTX Global, then perhaps Vector, then maybe OpenLC packs, those are pretty. And yep, REX4 with ASN are good together too.


DX10 fixer makes DX10 preview mode work with most of the bugs fixed or circumvented, enables FTX Global night lights in DX10, and adds some really pretty VC shadow if those helps. But do consider upgrading to P3DV3 outright if not bound by sunk cost in FSX-only addons, upgrades of which would require time saving up for a bit.

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