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  1. My apologies if my comment troubled you... That was not my intention. Congrats on getting your question sorted out!
  2. Well, it is placarded to be kept shut! Though for an aircraft of this size class, at least a basic passenger cabin to complete external view with transparent windows to peek in would be nice to have.
  3. While this point is irrelevant for flight simulation as far as simulator itself is concerned, airliners in real world operations almost never cruised at flight levels without a zero at the end, and even in metric airspace they cruised at a certain multiple of 300 meter. Random flight level assignment might be a thing in the future(There are researches showing how that would reduce possibility of a mid-air by turning most of them into airprox), but not now. Even then you just don't get to stay at your weight-adjusted maximum or optimum altitude and slowly climb as fuel weight goes down, even though that would be most efficient barring wind adjustment in case of optimum altitude. About the question itself, make sure you didn't miss any steps and entries when adapting your own route to the tutorial, and the exact route you did fly would have been helpful posted here. UNABLE CRZ ALT would typically only appear during preflight when FMS judges your set cruise level incompatible with enroute restriction or climb performance - Like trying to file LHR-AMS at anything above around FL230(at-or-below crossing restriction at REDFA), or putting in just about anything in a local pattern with nothing but takeoff and landing runway in FMS, in my experience. EDIT: P.S. You don't "trial and error" a Boeing 777. Much of your purchase price went to those documentation that came with the aircraft, make sure they are worth the money spent.
  4. Or a 737-200Adv with full-cream steam gauges. If newer ones aren't possible, older ones certainly are!
  5. Aivlasoft rebuilds arrival, approach and departure chart from the same Navigraph/NavDataPro data that we know, and ground chart from FSX itself, including whatever airport scenery you may had. Much of the time this is adequate for simulation but some data are missing, like minimum safe altitude, minimum enroute altitude/minimum obstacle clearance altitude, airspace data, a textual description of procedures and expected clearances, detailed terrain and obstacle info, and varied approach minimum for different categories. After all, it is rebuilt from the same data you had in your FMC with the same limitations...Still good for simulation use, nonetheless!
  6. Given how 787's flight deck integrated many feature of what one would normally call an EFB with all the data involved, and PMDG's known attention to detail, I do not think that's about to happen anytime soon. Even though it would be downright beautiful if it ever does.
  7. Seems like if VC viewpoint is unstable for any reason, like turbulence or TrackIR usage, then it is easy for GTN VC gauge to interpret a click as a drag, since the mouse pointer does not move with the plane. I've found myself either locking viewpoint or resorting to popup - They are otherwise too small to read on a 1600x900 notebook screen anyway.
  8. I repeat...You do need it installed for code and data as F1 GTN installer indicated, which are themselves largely an interface to link the trainer into the sim. Otherwise it won't work.
  9. If by supplied software you mean the GTN trainer with a ~2GB download size, then you need to install them, but running them in background is unnecessary. Even though they do make a good EFB while flying in the States if you have a second screen..but who need that when you could undock your F1 GTN and put that there instead! Still fun to play around all by itself, though.
  10. Cloud texture over 512 is...just asking for trouble without a monster machine when weathers are bad. Indeed, clouds are among the few things that high-definition texture won't necessarily work better. FSX does have better graphic, which can be made much, much better with scenery addons, like this: http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/643250383561864369/16D7BFDFAFC475351DC507769A24A5FA6A05F813/ Though those would require a reasonably current and gaming-oriented machine to run and a very good one to run well, like the type cmpbellsjc's above post indicated. FSX also had good amount of quality addon aircrafts accumulated over the years, depending on what kind of flying you do. Majestic, PMDG, A2A and RealAir all got some really awesome ones that sadly did not make it back into FS9.
  11. Just found that out on approach into Calgary Springbank...guess a tablet turned EFB is still necessary! Or maybe charts on another screen.
  12. Garmin updated their GTN trainer a while back, for which F1 GTN basically got a free database update as they are in fact an interface to integrate said trainer into FSX. Performance loss with GTN is tolerable on the scale of about 5fps on my mid-line setup, from high 20s to mid-low 20s onboard A2A aircrafts with fair weather and scenery addons. Of the database themselves...Guess only the few that actually own or share an actual GTN-equipped aircraft and kept an up-to-date database could do much about it, as the price of one relatively complete set of such updates usually exceeded the rest of the average simulator setup combined, including hardware.
  13. I can confirm a 4-5 fps drop from about 20fps in complex autogen scenery, with my current Steam edition setup. Curiously, moving the mouse over some menu negated the drop, besides moving pointer outside window in windowed mode. Wonder what black magic is at work there.
  14. So far as I know, QW146 loads in FSX:SE, and all function of the aircraft itself seemed okay. Yet to do a test flight, though. Livery and payload manager only work for FSX boxed, so far...or at least only work on boxed on a boxed/SE dual install, which is my setup. Some manual copying might still work, but I'm yet to try.
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