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Wow ! v3.1 is great !

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I thought I'd start another thread - I found the earlier one a little difficult to follow (23+ pages ?).

This is for the 3.1 doubters.

When I thought that Flight Simulation couldn't get any better, here comes v3.1. I've just been flying the A2A Cherokee 180 around Merseyside, and what a delight.

I elected to do a full install, expecting to spend hours re-installing my NGX/A319/320 and my local scenery.
..and I didn't have to do anything. Nada. P3D did it all for me.

The sim came up with my default flight all ready to fly. The visual effects are really stunning - and water effects haven't really concerned me. but this is REAL ! :Applause:

Go for it, guys.

I did a backup beforehand, of all my DLL/Scenery.cfg/flights/effects - I didn't need them. The Cherokee took a few seconds to display the cockpit, then off I went. All my settings were as I left them. I have a backup of all my installations, zips etc and installation folders - each on its own BD-R 25GB - just in case. They were not required.

...and it does appear to be a lot smoother, and the visuals to be much sharper.

A slight snag - when uninstalling v3.0 I had five components to uninstall - and three of them were named 'Prepar3d v3 professional'. Wasn't sure which - I intended to just try the client, and if any problems occurred I was prepared to do a full Setup.

Turns out that they were 'scenery' for some reason, so I removed the lot. Rebooted. Hit 'Setup'. Took just under 15 mins.

A second problem - activation. Got an error:

'Web service call failed. Please check internet connectivity' (9101)'

This IS very frustrating when you're firing it up - I'm impatient, had to use my laptop (copying the activation html with a USB stick/saving the response...but it worked ok. Had to do that with v3.0. (and yet I was online with no problems before and after the successful activation).

Weather menu seems a little more responsive. (Setting cloud base has been a little fiddly - had to repeat it a few times in v3.0). No more. The change in base alt now takes seconds.

That annoying 'Exit Error' has gone.

Didn't have to calibrate my CH Yoke or pedals. Both work flawlessly. (I use a USB 3.0 7- position switch - with indicators - so that I can switch over to my T16000 for the Airbus).

I forgot to switch them on at first, but the aircraft responded immediately to both whilst in the air.

All in all, this is just about perfect for me.

I'm running a 3770K/16Gb/970 4GB on Win 7 with a Dell 3011. I occasionally use three monitors with the Cherokee for the front & side views - all on the 970. Couldn't do that with FSX.

Talk about smooth...I always use 20fps fixed.
I'm a happy camper.

To those v3.1 doubters, go for it.




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hI Bill

yes same for me.although i did a reinstall,it was really straightforward .everything installed straight away without any hassle.


  very impressed with 3.1


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It is great, this is the best Flight Simulation there is right now

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