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777 Spoilers in VC

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Hello guys,


I bet you can answer this in a second.

Was searching for the answer for days now and cannot find anything about it.


My problem is: How can one set the Spoilers in VC?

If I go with the mouse to the lever and press / hold the left mouse button the spoilers will slowly extend.

Right mouse will retract them...


That's how I do it at the moment. But this takes forever! Is there a way to move the lever faster with the mouse?


Thanks in advance!


Best regards,


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I'm not now so I cannot check for the moment but have tried the mousewheel when the cursor is on the lever?


Also, there is a click spot roughly in the middle of the course of the lever (in between the armed and the up markers), slightly to the right to set the speed brakes to 50%.


The easiest way to use the speed brakes is still to set an joystick lever to them, though.

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Hi everyone,


left/right mouse clicks ON the lever handle for arming/disarming SPEEDBRAKEs when in DOWN/ARMED position.


4 Clickspots (right of and on the lever's long slot) for DOWN, ARMED, "50% or half way" and UP positions.


Between ARMED and UP position: left click ON the lever handle for increasing (towards UP), right click ON the lever handle for decreasing (towards ARMED).  Instead of left/right clicking the lever handle it is also possible to use the mouse wheel for increasing/decreasing the SPEEDBRAKE's position.

(One must follow with the mouse pointer (hand symbol changing accordingly) over the lever handle to keep this click/wheel functions working).


Maybe some more I did not mention?


PMDG did - also here - a great job IMO B) 





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Thanks guys, did not know about the clickspots.

Will try it later!


Thanks again!

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