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Problem With Frequency Instructions

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Using X-Plane at KATL, I call clearance delivery and request IFR clearance to KMIA for my filed route. Atlanta Clearance Delevery gives me my clearance and tells me to contact ground on 118.10 when ready to taxi.

When I'm ready to taxi, I set the radio on 118.10 and request taxi clearance. The Ground ATC tells me that I'm on the wrong frequency, but this is the frequency that clearance delivery told me to be on.

I try several times for my taxi clearance before finally giving up.

Why would I get instructions to contact ground at 118.10, when that is not the correct frequency?


Thank you,


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Hi Bob.

118.10 is the proper Ground frequency for KATL and it works for me.  There are a couple of possibilities as to what's going on in your environment.

1) The frequency swap from Standby to Active was missed or didn't work properly

2) Depending on how you made the Freq change, it wasn't picked up by Pilot2ATC


If you could open the Radio panel on one side of Pilot2ATC and try making the frequency change there.  If it doesn't work, take a screenshot and send it to me (Admin at and I'll try and figure out what's going on.




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Thank you for your quick response Dave.  I'm going to try that tonight. I'll let you know how it goes.



I am really impressed with your Pilot2ATC software. This is, by far, the best ATC program available anywhere (which it's really so much more).

I had run across it when it was still in development but never realized that it had been released. I just happened to be scanning the Avsim forums and seen your forum here. Then went and bought it right away.

I have not seen any advertisement that announced the release of this great software. I'm surprised I missed the announcement, but I'm so glad that I have it now. 

I went and got a bunch of those Ivona voices and they are really natural and work perfectly.

Last year I bought the "Real ATC Collection" ( and I'm going to use it for the background chatter.  I believe it should work very good.

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