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Recent FS9 EVO2015 Carenado Seneca Twin dawn flight+ 2 C377 night shots

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Very nice shots! Your FS9 is looking great.

Thank you, Pugilist2


All credit goes to:


Sascha's EVO2015 World Texture Replacement Package (water color and graphics are not REX, but that offered in this package)

*Full seasons:

*Full Hard Winter

*Soft Winter




These scenes are with Soft Winter injected. You can easily load in Hard Winter, at your whim, before a Hard Winter flight. Very easy to use this package. All other seasons stay within initial installation, and are called upon by FS9 just as its default seasons are addressed.


3D night lighting, embedded within the textures (use only Enhance Roads and Enhance Lights for those roads in Ultimate Terrain software and you will see the two C337 night street light depictions and light spawning.  Using/Installing U.T. roads other than only using the first check box (Enhance Roads) of the Road and Light sections, will cover them, with no depiction.) So with EVO2015 installed, do not engage any other Ultimate Terrain for FS9 road or light setting beyond the first check box of each section. This is a very important point for the viewer!


ASE (Active Sky Evolution Weather Engine) (final build709)


REX 2004 Extreme (clouds, airport, and water textures, etc (These are not FS9 Soft Clouds, but selections from this package, latest update).


So, that's the picture 'recipe,' Pugilist2.


If you want any particular shots, any area, or season, feel free to ask me.  Glad to help, if you do not have any of the above in your FS9. :)

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Nice shots!

Thank you, sir! :)


I forgot to include Ultimate Terrain for FS9 in the recipe list.  Now corrected.

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