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Prepar3d v3 frame rates Opusfsi vs Active sky next

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I have searched for head-to-head performance comparisons between Opusfsi & in P3dv3 and found nothing...


If I am wrong, mods, readers,  please kill this topic and point my nose in  the right direction.


...Also, although we've all been told that we can increase our frame rates by off-loading certain programs to a  LAN PC, thus freeing up our flying machine's CPU cycles....but;


Are there any definitive, solid metrics

on frame rate increase,

directly attributable to networking ANY ADD-on?



If not, why are the following net-workable (LAN-ABLE?),

If so, please comment on the following programs;




3.Aivlasoft EFB

4.Radar Contact 4.3

5.Any others?





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Hey Chas -  I cannot comment on anything but ASN but under normal circumstances there SHOULDN'T be any difference in FPS running ASN networked or not. I say shouldn't because *some* have reported improvement.


I believe the logic is that since it's networked, it frees up the CPU so you get better FPS. Then others state that whatever "freeing up" you get is used up because the CPU has now to deal with network traffic, etc.


So, no it shouldn't make a difference as far as ASN is concerned.


That said, I would think that if one had their CPU slammed with all sorts of add ons to the point that it was affecting performance, offloading the *processing of data* so that all the local CPU had to do would be read the network port might be beneficial.


I bow to the networking guru's on this though.



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I use OPUS FSI over a network.  I haven't seen a difference from running it over the network vs on the flight sim computer.  I run it over a network to allow display of the various weather maps on a second monitor, separate from the flight sim system.  





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