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Continuously asks for activation code

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Hi All,

Been using the PMDG a/c on and off for several yrs.   Had the B737NGX installed on my WIndows 7 PC for about 4-5 yrs now.  Recently upgraded to Windows10 - doesn't work perfectly but good enough.

When I started up my FSX for the first time in ages after the upgrade and tried running the PMDG 737NGX (had all the patches up to about a year ago) it keeps asking for my activation code (which I put in and it was happy with), after which I could never get the engines started (not sure if it was me, but I followed the proceedures I knew worked in the past - nothing just keeps spooling up but adding in the fuel flow it refused to spool up).

But if I close down FSX and restart it after adding in my activation code (which it accepts) it then asks for it again - every time. 


Any ideas?





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Any ideas?


Stuff like this should go directly to our support site (linked in my sig).


For your convenience, I've copied our support text into this thread, but if you continue to have issues, open a ticket at the support site so it doesn't get lost in the forum:


The following issues are the most common causes of activation issues where the product doesn't pop up an activation window, where the activation window pops up over and over again or where the airplane CTDs on load or loads up totally dark with gauges that don't work:
1. Can you make absolutely certain for us that you have either FSX SP2 or FSX Acceleration installed? To do this, go to your FSX folder in Explorer, right click the FSX.exe file and go to the details tab - look at the "Product Version" field - if it does not contain "sp2" or "xpack", then you're using the original version of FSX or the SP1 version. If this is the case, you need to download SP1 and SP2 and install them, or install Acceleration from a disc.
FSX SP1: (Microsoft removed their own link to SP1 - this is a valid copy)
2. Please check and make sure that your Windows date (month, day and year, all three) and time settings are accurate and correct. The activation needs this to run correctly. It may be that the date and time are incorrect in the system BIOS and that's what reverts Windows to an older date. Consult your system or motherboard manual on how to verify it in the BIOS.
3. Issues can be caused by disabling the aircraft's licensing service in Windows either manually or through a utility that automatically disables services such as GameBooster or AlacrityPC. PMDG does not recommend disabling Windows services, the alleged performance gain is dubious and doing so can cause many problems when a program goes to access a service that has been disabled. To check for the issue: Go to the Start button and type "services.msc" into the search box and press enter.  Locate the service called "FlexNET Licensing Service." in the list that comes up. Right click it, choose properties, and under the dropdown menu for "Startup type" ensure that it is set to "Manual".  If it's set to anything else, change it to Manual.
4. There may be a firewall or other security application blocking the activation's attempts to contact our server - if this is the case, you'll need to temporarily disable it or if it's a hardware firewall forward port 8888 to your computer's local IP address. Let us know if none of these common solutions work for you.

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