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Completed a successful flight from takeoff to landing, just a couple of small issues

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OK my flight plan was:  EGLC CPT UY321 PEPIS/N0318F211 UQ41 SAM UL620 BRIPO EGTE


Everything went fine with that route until I was asked to contact approach,  It asked me to tune into 128.97 which is the correct freq, however I mistakenly tuned into 128.90 whilst this is my error the approach controller on the wrong freq actually accepted me and started giving me instructions as though they were EGTE approach.  I never noticed this until I glanced over at the P2A screen and see I was tuned to wrong freq.  Would be nice if the controller I have wrongly tuned to told me so.  My second small issue was I was given the ILS26 approach which is fine and the P2A approach said I would be vectored to the ILS, however after leaving BRIPO on my filed flight plan Approach only gave me decent instructions and not vectors to the ILS, I had to manually guide myself to the ILS and then was handed over to tower.



My next item is not a bug but more of a feature request.  I did this flight in the Majestic Q400 and that bird is real hands on in the approach.  Would it be possible to have an option for a co pilot to change the requested radio frequency's?  I would still like to make the replies myself just flying finals whilst moving the camera in the cockpit to see the radio stack etc is quite hard to do when hand flying.  I believe in real world flight the FO would handle radios anyway.  I fully understand if this is not possible or not wanted, it's more of a use if you want to or turn off if you don't style feature.


Apart from that I had a great time with my first full flight.  There are some real nice little touches that you don't get from other ATC programs, like being welcomed to the airport you just landed at and the actual airport name is used.  ATC saying good morning or afternoon depending on the time of day etc great stuff and adds a ton to the immersion for me.  This sort of thing could easily be expanded on to.  I've heard ATC recording of ATC welcoming pilots with things like "Welcome to a wet and windy London City airport this evening"


I've always been put off by text to speech for ATC in the past because of the was it sounds quite robotic, or it did years ago when I used it last.  It's come on such a long way in a few short years and I now see the reason behind using it.  It takes away the rigid style of pre-recorded chatter and opens up a whole new avenue for communication.  Text being converted into speech means the things that ATC can say is practically endless.


I salute Dave and co for making this,  For a long time I assumed ATC had got as far as it could go with FSX but this piece of software has proven that completely wrong.  I know it's still in BETA but it's already shaping up to be one of the best FSX purchases I've ever made.  It's up there with Active sky and the Majestic Q400 for me. Bloody fantastic Sir, my hat is off to you.

Dean Farley

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Thanks Dean for the PIREP and kind words.


Believe it or not, I've already got a friendly controller to guide you back to the right frequency if you mis-dial in the 200.5 coming out soon.

Not sure what happened with vectors.  If they say expect vectors, they should be giving them to you.  I'll try flying the flight and see what I get.

A co-pilot like feature is certainly a future possibility.  Need the dust to settle on the Beta before I start deciding what's next, but that's one I've had in mind for a while.


Thanks again,


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Hi Dave,


I just completed another flight




EGTE has no departure procedures so after takeoff I was expecting to be vectored to the first waypoint in the plan which was DAWLEY.  I had to make my own way there and then continued enroute to EGCC.  I was assigned the MIRS1A Star with transition MONTY and the ILS RWY 05L.  This is all great and matches the charts etc.  However once leaving the final waypoint of the Star which was MIRSI i was not vectored to the ILS and again had to navigate my own way there.


I double checked that it was supposed to be vectored and the APPR selection showed this. It said RWY05L - Approaches ILS - RW05L - I05L Transitions VECTORS TO IMM86


Am I doing something wrong or have I found a little glitch in the vectoring?

Dean Farley

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It's a little glitch.

Now, when taking off without a SID, you will at least be given a  turn direction and told to turn to on course.

There currently is no vectors to the IAF, unless you ask for them.  In the flight plan, the option for Vectors is meant to say, no transition point.


When you are cleared for the ILS, that is your clearance to the IAF and beyond.  If you want vectors, you can ask for them:


"Eclipse 1VB request vectors to ILS for Runway 16" or similar.


I'll look at giving that vector to the IAF automatically for the next update.



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