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FSX lag on great computer

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Hi everyone!


Recently, I have been frustrated with the performance of FSX on my brand new system. My frame rate can't get over 15 on the ground, but goes up to 30 when cruising (30 is the frame rate limit). I run PMDG's NGX and 777, Aerosoft's Airbus X, and some high-class airport scenery. I already have the following tweaks applied to my FSX.cfg:





My computer specs:


Intel i7 4790k @ 4.0ghz (HyperThreading enabled)

Geforce GTX 980 ti

16 GB RAM (4x4 sticks)

Asus z97 Extreme3 motherboard

Corsair H60 liquid cooling

Kingston 240GB SSD (Location of Windows and FSX)

Seagate 2TB hard drive

Windows 10


FSX is not run at the maximum settings, which is why I don't understand where the poor performance is coming from. I really hope to hear some of your suggestions as to what I could be doing wrong, or some other possible tweaks and tricks.



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What are you using for AA and AF? I'd use nvidia inspector if you're not already. I've found performance to be less without it


Also disable self shadowing and set 2x medium or less water, bloom off


Sometimes in pmdg 737 I get 15 fps but it's only with weather at addon airports - and my CPU is far older than yours


Anything else running in the background? Java updater? Anti virus?

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Apart from just adding highmemfix, did you try FSX with an un-tweaked FSX.cfg to give you a good baseline? Not all of the popular tweaks make a lot of difference with modern systems (some actually gave me a performance hit). I'm a great believer in the "less is more" approach to FSX.


If you haven't already done so, I'd also consider overclocking your CPU to release its full potential.

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Oh yeah good point - scrap the buffer pools edits and fiber time edit


Unlock fps and backup that FSX.cfg then delete it, the sim will create another one and report back

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