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Experiencing some FSX crashes - how to troubleshoot?

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Hi all,


I keep getting FSX crashes when using PMDG 737 and Reboot.  It seems to be somewhat random, except for one instance:  after engine 2 is started, right after "starter cutout" it's crashed a few times.  At this time, I also have the PMDG pushback underway, so I do try to avoid "stepping" on each other.  I'm going to try making sure both engines are running before I set the parking brake per the pushback, or I could wait until the pushback is fully complete before even beginning the engine start.

The other lockup that seems somewhat consistent is when I do manage to "step" right on top of something else.  I guess that's just a timing issue, and I do try to time it so I don't.


Anyway, my question is this:  would my first method to try and resolve be uninstalling and reinstalling Reboot, or should I uninstall PMDG 737 also?

FYI, reinstalling FSX just isn't something I'm gonna do (I'll just deal with random crashes vs. 2 days of agonizing and painstaking  reinstall/setup; just the thought of it makes me cringe!!)



James White

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Hi James,


First I would try this:


1. Do a clean install of the PMDG 737.  Manually delete any leftover PMDG 737 folders in the SimObjects folder.

2. Re-install the 737.  Do a test flight.

3. If all is okay, re-install NGX Reboot.


Clean installs often cure weird issues, but if you still get them:


1. Go to the CTD forum on Avsim and browse around there.  CTDs can be the result of a million different things, from over-clocking to you name it.

2. Try deleting your FSX.CFG file, rebuilding it use the ******* Bojote mod.

3. To isolate, fly from a default airport.  Sometimes 3rd party sceneries can cause issues with FSX.

4. Update/ refresh all your drivers.



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