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Looking through the archives when europe lc came out i saw some interesting comments.



Please answer these 2 questions so i can make an informed  decision.



1. Is it True that Europe lc + vector provides sharper scenery than Orbx England in England?


2. Is it True that Orbx England is harder on fps than Europe lc + Vector in England ( especially London )


3. Is it True that Orbx vector still has elevation issues?



And finally can someone link me to screenshots of 


b) Europe lc + vector showing England vs just Obrx England




Nathan Young

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1. not really... they do complimentary things and 'sharpness' doesn't really have anything to do with it. orbx england simply adds more details, objects, updated airport layouts, stuff like that. maybe i'm not understanding what you mean by sharpness here.


2. yes, all those extra details will lower your fps a bit and it is noticeable in areas where there is a lot of stuff such as london.


3. it never really had issues, there is a tool that comes with it which you have to run and a lot of people don't run it. basically vector changes the elevation at some default airports to match the other changes that vector makes, but if you aren't using a default airport for one of those in particular, you need to override the fix that it applies. there are probably a few exceptions but for the most part their automatic scanner seems to work fine.


i dont really have any comparison shots but if you google around somebody is bound to have done this already i would imagine


good luck


-andy crosby

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In my opinion, the landclass is far more realistic in the actual Orbx England region, as compared to with Europe LC+Vector.  I believe there are also additional (more varied) textures for the region, in the full England pack.


And of course, the full England region gives upgraded airports for all the default airports, whereas Europe LC+Vector doesn't.  Some of the GA airfields in the England package are a really good improvement.   Eg. default FSX Carlisle (EGNC) is a mess, and the Orbx England version is a vast improvement.


I share Andy's view that "sharpness" doesn't come into it.

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What JYW said.  I also want to add that using ORBX England in combination with the heavies will tax the system.  In my case, P3D ran out of memory passing by London from Gatwick during climb...pretty disappointing but that's my fault not ORBX.  For now, I avoid flights that run anywhere near London and everything is cool and groovy.


More importantly to the OP, you could get better insight and advice straight from ORBX's forums.  They don't bite and they are extremely helpful. :)  You can also look at the product pages for each add-on to get a good feel of what to expect.  Youtube vids also help to as most of those who post vids also post specs.



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