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This pilot doesn't like hand-flying...

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AP engaged at 200, the minimum certified AP engagement height.



Skip to 3:43 for the take-off.


Interesting things:

  • Note how LNAV/VNAV are not armed on the ground.
  • They take their time to accelerate past 170 knots (maybe following specific SID instructions).
  • The speed bug is also left at V2 until passing 3000'.
  • RR engines and EPR indication
  • Use of TRACK rather than HEADING
  • Also note how the RTO knob jumps back to OFF after lift-off.


DISCLAIMER: I'm not implying anything here, nor am I trying to say that the pilot is "lazy" or anything like that. He must have had his reasons, be following company SOP or whatever information that I as a viewer don't have. The title of the thread has some "click bait" to it. I'm just posting this here as an example of low (but legal) AP engagement and a video that I found interesting.



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I'm no 777 pilot, but I've just spent a week with one! The speed bug not moving much until 3000 feet will probably be the noise abatement procedure dictating acceleration altitude at that point. The default PMDG 777 setting is at 800ft so you'll normally see climb speed commanded much earlier.


TRK vs HDG is airline specific. EK use it. UA don't.


AP engagement is down to the crews on the day. A funky SID with speed limits, crossing altitudes, lots of RT, heavy aircraft and a tired crew (remember some 777 guys are doing 90 hours a month) means it'll go on as soon as it can.

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Thanks for your input Ben!


Yeap, indeed they must have their reasons to put the AP as soon as they can.


Regarding the speed bug, if you armed VNAV on the ground, the speed bug will automatically shift from V2 to the actual speed achieved after rotation when VNAV engages, which should be ranging from V2+5 to +25 or so. Now, once you achieve a specific speed if it's higher than V2+25 you're not supposed to pitch up in an attempt to slow down anymore, just accept the speed and keep it till acceleration height. I find it odd not updating the bug from V2 to the 170 or so they very keeping during the initial climb-out. 


In fact, at 3000' they engaged LNAV and VNAV and the bug automatically jumped to 170.

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If I am flying a new route, I use the AP often, turn it on after takeoff, and off right before loc capture.


But if I am familiar there's nothing better than hand flying to cruise or at least transition alt and descending manually. Especially on clear days.


I've been meaning to buy fscrew for the sim to mimic real life and be able to hand fly and not worry about doing everything myself. That makes it much easier to enjoy the flying. - David Lee

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