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Not working for me

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Just to let you know.

I downloaded the program and ran it with FSX, SmartCars (my VA's system) and PMDG 737.


The interface was easy enough but the actual result was a disaster.


As soon as I started the program my frame rates went from about 12-15 down to 0.5 to 3 fps (really!)

The plane moved in jumps of about 20 meters at a time along the runway. Airport traffic also was jumpy.


As soon as I stopped the program the frame rates shot up again to 12-15.


Needless to say, I have uninstalled.


Ian Harrison

Intel i7 6700K @4.3. 32gb Gskill 3200 RAM. Z170x Gigabyte m/b. 28" LG HD monitor. Win 10 Home. 500g Samsung 960 as Windows home. 1 Gb Mushkin SSD for P3D. GTX 1080 8gb.

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First off, thanks for reporting a problem. I'm sorry simFDR doesn't currently work well for you, but I do appreciate your feedback to make the program much better. This is also why we allow full evaluations of our software.


Did you actually start a flight with simFDR, or did your frame rates drop immediately when the program was started? I can assure you it works well with a PMDG 737 - here's a sample flight https://www.simfdr.com/flight.do?id=0x77 - but there may be a few wrinkles in your specific situation.


Second, have you tried running it without SmartCARS running? Having it run side-by-side with another flight logger isn't a tested or supported configuration (although it has been reported to work flawlessly side by side with Delta Virtual's ACARS package).


I understand you have uninstalled but any assistance you could provide me in tracking down this issue would be greatly appreciated. If you're a PMDG owner, you will also appreciate a working simFDR installation based on the amount of data it can provide you about the aircraft system states.




Luke Kolin

I make simFDR, the most advanced flight data recorder for FSX, Prepar3D and X-Plane.

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