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I7 920 3.8 GHz ... with HT or Without HT better

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My specs are in my signature below.


I currently run with Hyper threading ON.


I have set affinity mask as 84.


While running FSX, i noticed that cores 3,5.7 are getting heavily utilised 4,6,8 are not so much only minimum usage. Plus core 1 and 2 are not highly used. I also noticed in real temp, my CPU load does not cross 50% while my GPU load reported by MSI afterburner hits 99%.


Questions ....


A. Should I turn hyper threading off, and set affinity mask to 14 ?. Will that improve anything in FSX?.. plus maybe with HT off I could possibly OC to 4GHz ... will a o.2 GHz really help in FSX ?


B. I have always read FSX is CPU intensive, but why is my CPU load low relative to my GPU load ?.. What can I do to reduce my GPU load, it it being a bottleneck ?


I have set frame rate to 20 in fsx.cfg and NVI. I get 20fps 80% of the time.


The only time I really get stutters is when FSRealWX Lite injects weather via widefs/fsuipc. Is there a fix for that?


Sorry... long post and asking advice on a couple of areas here....


Thanks so much.

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The problem in FSX / P3D is that they are not relly optimized for Multithreading.

That's the reason why you see most of the time one core at full load and all other cores in minimal or no use at all.


I see the same in P3D. In some occasions my GTX 970 is at full load (especially with heavy overcast). But most of the time the bottleneck is the CPU.


If you should use HT or not - you should have a look at the long thread in the P3D forum.

I personally use HT and have no problems doing so.

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With AM = 84 you're turning your Quad-core CPU into a Triple-core CPU. Try 85 instead, which will use all four physical cores of the CPU.

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