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Pause function in FS2Crew

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Being quite new to FS2Crew Reboot (and to PMDG B373 NGX for that matter) I am not as quick on doing my flows as the FS2Crew seems to be designed to.

As an example - just an example - on the SOP SET 1, at +22 minutes the FO starts his walk around and I as the Captain starts to perform the CDU pre-flight things.

Now this takes quite a lot of time for me to do and the FO has since long time returned and are doing his flows and the minutes are running and I so to speek get out of sync with the timely setup i FS2Crew.

What I miss is some kind of a "Pause" function (button or voice command) that simply "stops the clock" in FS2Crew. I have searched for that sort of function but have not found anything.


Is there such a function or are there another solution to bring into play that can help me.


Thanks' in advance for any helpfull answers



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Hi Jannik,


You mean a pause independent of the FSX Pause?  We don't have such a pause function.


What I suggest you do in your case is:


1. Setup the CDU prior to running the Pre-Flight events.


2. Master the CDU... I can set the thing up in less than 1 minute  :wink:


3. You can setup the CDU late, and do it at the same time the FO is doing his various flows.  The only thing you'd need to watch for is that you may need to manually set the Cruise Alt and Ldg altitude in the pressurization mode controller.

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Hi Bryan!


Thanks' for your reply.


Yes, I did mean a "Pause" independant of the FSX pause. This kind of function could be very nice to have.


Of course when I get the routine, I presume I will be able to catch up with the necessary speed.


The setting up of the CDU was only an example. I have some other places where I get stressed catching up the expectations.


Thanks' for your suggestion on setting up the CDU before starting the Pre-flight event. I'll try to see if that work better for me.


Kind regards


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