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WOAI Models Error in vPilot

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I've got P3Dv3 and fly regularly on Vatsim. My client is vPilot and I have had past experience with this ona different PC when I used FSX. My traffic addon was World of AI (WOAI) and I wish to continue using this for Vatsim as it is usually hassle-free and FREE!


Until now. I've manually installed about 20 airlines (BA, Easyjet< ryanair etc.) and used VMR generator to try and link them to vPilot. Only a few airlines work and I'm getting errors every few seconds. I've looked into the eroors in detail and found out that some airlines have the same type of aircraft between them but are in different folders. For example, BA and Easyjet both share an A320 but BA's A320 is in an aircraft folder named DJC.... and Easyjet's is in FAIB....


This means that when I get an error, it is telling me that an Easyjet aircraft in Vatsim could not be matched because the easyJet A320 couldn't be located in the DJC folder which is where only BA A320's are located. It's also telling me that I have to make sure my AI is actually installed. Below is a step-by-step guide on how I install them.


Is it right? Or is this wrong which explains why vPilot can't match them?


1. Use WOAI installer to manually install airlines into a folder outside P3D (in another drive in my case).

2. Create new folder for WOAI aircraft and copy and paste each aircraft from all the airlines into this folder. When it tells me I have existing files, I overwrite them.

3.Go to simobjects.cfg and link P3D to this folder by using:




4. Go to VMR generator and generate rule sets form the aircraft folder.

5.Open vPilot whilst P3D is running and go to the model matching settings and tick all the airlines that I have installed.

6.Download all these rule sets.

7. Apply.


After this, I get a mix and match. Some Easyjet aircraft are visible whilst some are not and are just replaced by the default CRJ. Aer Lingus just fails altogether as vPilot goes looking for the Lingus A320 in the BA A320 folder.


I've persevered for long enough and nothing has improved. Can anyone spot the obvious mistake or should I just buy a P3D compatible traffic addon like Ultimate Traffic which would be so much easier.


I have a tight budget and WOAI is basically what I want to stick with.


Thanks so much!




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