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  1. Hi I've recently just joined a virtual airline that requires FSUIPC to connect my simulator, P3D, to the SmartACARS client required to fly with the airline. At the time, I thought only SimConnect was required, but it turns out FSUIPC is as well. I've started to stop piling on the addons because I am in the process of buying a new SSD to transfer P3D to for more space and to avoid problems with the sim being on the same drive as my Windows files etc. Because I know how frustrating reinstalling P3D will be, as well as reinstalling addons as well, I've kept away from lots of addons just to make this installation process easier. Once all this has finished, addons will be back on the list. The only problem is, this virtual airline requires me to fly within the first 14 days of joining. I've got about a week and a half, which gives me plenty of time to ask you helpful and intelligent people on advice! All I need is the unregistered FSUIPC, not the registered. Will installing FSUIPC cause me problems later down the line with reinstalling? I have this feeling that FSUIPC will create files that will cause P3D some problems when uninstalling and reinstalling. Or is FSUIPC just a simple uninstall and that's it, no fancy tricks? Thanks in advance for your help!
  2. Great post. I've tried to download this software but it just displays it as a 7Z file which doesn't run at all. Anyone know how to get this program to run?
  3. Thanks for the replies. I've tried to mipmap Gatwick but it doesn't seem to have worked. It's just annoying that these old airports haven't been updated or remade so that they can cope better with more modern computers. I could just go for Aerosoft Heathrow or would that have problems with mipmapping as well? Fraser
  4. Not too familiar with 737's but I think it might be to do with the correct procedure for an engine failure. Ensure the failed engine is completely shutdown with fuel flow cut and ignition off completely. Autothrust might not be coming on because of this as it is confused as to why it's parameters are not meeting its predictions as it still thinks your engine is still on. If this doesn't work, maybe you should just handfly it. After all, computers are rubbish at thinking outside the box. If I had an engine failure, I would immediately run through the checklists whilst disconnecting automatics. Hope that helps! Flemon
  5. Yes, you can fly on Vatsim if you are on FSX:SE. The latest client for Vatsim is vPilot which I thoroughly recommend. All you need to do to make it work with Steam edition is to run the three simconnect installers in the FSX directory. Can't exactly remember which folder they are in but a quick google will sort it out. Happy flying! Flemon
  6. Hello I've been having problems recently with P3D (you can read my other topics if you wish!) related to textures in P3D. My specs are: I7 CPU @ 4.0GHz (OC to approx. 4c3GHz) GTX 960 2gb 8gb RAM The add on sceneries I have loaded into P3D are UK2000 EGKK and the freeware Hamilton Island from Ant's Aussie Airports. The former is a nightmare to fly in an out because the shimmering is extremely severe and is extremely distracting. I fly a lot on Vatsim and I don't want Gatwick to be left alone by me as it is the best covered airport in the UK. I have sought help in these forums and we have come to the conclusion that it is either because of the lack of mip maps in these scenery or because of my GPU settings. The Hamilton Island airport is really good apart from a few bits of shimmering where I think anti-aliasing is not properly configured. I've looked for ages for a good guide to the best GPU settings for P3D v3 but all of them are linked to FSX and go into so much detail which I don't think is required for me. I used to use FSX, but on a completely different PC and this new PC just has P3D on it. My graphics card seems to be alright as I can hit 60 fps continuously at payware EGKK with cockpit shadows. I ultimately aim to purchase AS's A320, a good load of payware airports and Active Sky Next. REX and ORBX stuff can probably wait as I am not looking for complete perfection in my sim, I just want realistic Vatsim flying with airports and aircraft that can deliver a good enough quality to my sim. To cut a long story short, could anyone outline what I need on or off or different amounts in the Nvidia Control Panel. I've looked at it a lot but haven't dare to touch it afraid of messing it all up. I've messed around with p3d graphic settings and found out that increasing the texturing filtering form its normal 8x introduces a small amount of stutters to the sim. I moved my texture resolution from its default 1k to 2k and seen no performance hit. FXAA is set to on and MSAA is at 8x. I could get a screenshot of my Nvidia Control Panel if you want but for now I hope that is enough for you extremely clever people to help. I know these forums are the best to go to because of their member's experience. Thanks so much Fraser Barnes
  7. Thanks for the quick reply. Sorry for the typos, I was in a rush to do something else! I had the box ticked for the whole hour it took me but if you say I should do the 32 bit as DXT3, I'll get round to do that. In the typo sentence I meant to say if you want I could post a screenshot of the settings page on my graphics card. Could you give me a heads-up as to what is usually needed for p3d graphics card stuff. I've looked on the p3d graphics settings and most of the stuff is complete nonsense to my non-technical self! Also, is there a link to this graphics setup? Thanks Fraser
  8. Ok, so I've got DXtBmp like you said and followed all your instructions but UK2000 gatwick is still shimmeringbthe same as before. Certain textures I put into DXTBmp said they were 32 bit when they were saving whereas others were DXT1 or DXT3. I don't know whether this is the problem. My graphics card is fine I think because it's GTX 960 and I can easily get good internal shadows in the cockpit with 60fps. I haven't delved into the settings the graohic card but maybe this is the reason why. If you're u eant I could post a screenshot of it and you could fogure out what's wrong. You guys have been really helpful so far, so thank you again King regards Fraser
  9. Hi, Thanks so much for the replies. Now I understand. It's a bit annoying because I was going to base Gatwick as my hub because I live in the UK but now I might consider a different airport unless I can texture the scenery. I'm getting Photoshop soon so would I be able to mipmap using photoshop? I mean, the shimmering is acceptable sometimes but whrn you're on finals, with vatsim in the background blaring away and many eyes watching you from the holding points, it's very easy to get distracted by the scenery and mess up the landing! I'll probably purchase a FlyTampa scenery (maybe Copenhagen or Vienna) to see if it's not my anti-aliasing. Maybe I could get the Aerosoft Heathrow or are aerosoft still not mipmapping textures like you said. Again, thanks for your help!
  10. Hi I've recently got the uk2000 gatwick scenery and think it is absolutely awesome but I am seeing weird stuff going on when I look at it from my aircraft. In the distance, the terminals, fences, buildings and ground textures are all vibrating and moving around creating a weird effect that looks unrealistic and odd. But if if zoom in quite close or pause it, it looks absolutely fine. I think it might be to do with the aircraft I'm in. I tested out two aircraft at exactly the same spawning point (08R), a Beechcraft Bonanza and an F-22 Raptor. On both of these aircraft the textures are moving around a fixed point. This problem could be caused by the tiny vibrations of the aircraft when I'm on the ground but also in the air, when I'm in level flight with no real movement, the whole of Gatwick looks like its vibrating. My specs are : i7 CPU at 4.0GHz (Overclocked to approx. 4.3GHz) Nvidia GTX 960 2gb 8GB RAM If you could help that would be amazing because I'd love to get this fixed. I'm thinking about purchasing EZDok and if this problem is caused by minute vibrating, think about the chaos that will happen with EZDok camera effects. Thanks
  11. Hello I've got P3Dv3 and fly regularly on Vatsim. My client is vPilot and I have had past experience with this ona different PC when I used FSX. My traffic addon was World of AI (WOAI) and I wish to continue using this for Vatsim as it is usually hassle-free and FREE! Until now. I've manually installed about 20 airlines (BA, Easyjet< ryanair etc.) and used VMR generator to try and link them to vPilot. Only a few airlines work and I'm getting errors every few seconds. I've looked into the eroors in detail and found out that some airlines have the same type of aircraft between them but are in different folders. For example, BA and Easyjet both share an A320 but BA's A320 is in an aircraft folder named DJC.... and Easyjet's is in FAIB.... This means that when I get an error, it is telling me that an Easyjet aircraft in Vatsim could not be matched because the easyJet A320 couldn't be located in the DJC folder which is where only BA A320's are located. It's also telling me that I have to make sure my AI is actually installed. Below is a step-by-step guide on how I install them. Is it right? Or is this wrong which explains why vPilot can't match them? 1. Use WOAI installer to manually install airlines into a folder outside P3D (in another drive in my case). 2. Create new folder for WOAI aircraft and copy and paste each aircraft from all the airlines into this folder. When it tells me I have existing files, I overwrite them. 3.Go to simobjects.cfg and link P3D to this folder by using: Path=C:......\ModelMatchingforVatsim 4. Go to VMR generator and generate rule sets form the aircraft folder. 5.Open vPilot whilst P3D is running and go to the model matching settings and tick all the airlines that I have installed. 6.Download all these rule sets. 7. Apply. After this, I get a mix and match. Some Easyjet aircraft are visible whilst some are not and are just replaced by the default CRJ. Aer Lingus just fails altogether as vPilot goes looking for the Lingus A320 in the BA A320 folder. I've persevered for long enough and nothing has improved. Can anyone spot the obvious mistake or should I just buy a P3D compatible traffic addon like Ultimate Traffic which would be so much easier. I have a tight budget and WOAI is basically what I want to stick with. Thanks so much!
  12. Same happened to me. All I did was recalibrate the joystick inside P3D's control section. Now it works absolutely fine. I think P3d takes the wind a little too sensitively in the sim, where an a320 or 737 will be zigzagging down the runway with only ten knot headwind. Its annoying but hopefully this rudder fix will work. Or you might just have your rudder trim set to one way on all the aircraft for some reasons!
  13. Thanks so much for the reply. Now that the scenery etc. is solved, with the simobjects, should I just install them into the root folder and then backup the initial application to my HDD so I can install the plane again if the update gets rid of them? I think I'm actually getting this P3D logic! Thanks Fraser
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