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Cloud Draw settings when using REX and ASN

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Hi there,


I have REX Essential Plus and was using this as my weather engine until yesterday when I decided to download Active Sky Next to try it out for 7 days as I'm thinking of purchasing. Have a question about the minimum and maximum cloud draw settings found in ASN and how I should set them since I'm using REX for textures now.


When I first set up my settings for REX I read the manual and on page 11 of the PDF I have it states this about the cloud draw setting within FSX: Cloud draw distance instructs FSX how far to draw

clouds. If the setting is set to full-right (110mi), the cirrus clouds will appear cut-off in the distance. Backing this off to 100mi will rectify this issue, still giving a great distance to view clouds.  
In my FSX settings I have set Cloud Draw Distance to 100mi/ 160km.
Now when I come to my ASN settings, what do I use as the minimum and maximum cloud draw distance? Does changing these settings within ASN affect the FSX setting? I'm thinking of putting both minimum and maximum to 100 in ASN.
Another question about REX since I'm using ASN weather engine. I disabled the REX weather engine, does this mean the settings in REX for visibility, winds and clouds are also disabled and not active in my sim. I don't want it to be conflicting with ASN.
I want to use REX for textures and ASN for weather but am not entirely sure what changes to settings I need to make within REX so that REX is no longer being involved with the weather. But like I said, I've disabled the weather engine in REX so maybe I have done it correctly.

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This is really simple.


1. The cloud draw settings in ASN overide the cloud draw settings in FSX. So no matter what your FSX weather settings are in this regard, ASN will use its settings and ignore the FSX draw distances.


2. You only have to run REX once to install your textures, not every time you run FSX. So basically run REX, install the textures you want, close REX, open ASN and let it download the weather and then open FSX once that's done and go fly. Just make sure to keep ASN running while FSX is running.


A lot of people only run REX once in a while to change textures but some might only run it once to install the textures they want and never open it again. Once you install your REX textures they stay there forever unless you change them, so you don't have to do it every time. Since this is the way it works and REX doesn't need to be open, you don't have to worry about disabling the weather engine in it to run ASN.


Also, you might want to read the ASN manual as the question you have about the FSX and cloud draw settings are all covered in the manual.

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