B787 disappears after installation!

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Hello, I've just purchased this plane last night and something strange, never happened before with other addons, I can select and fly the plane only once then If  I change livery it doesn't show in my selectable planes anymore!!


I have checked in the simobjects files and I see that the aircraft cfg. file is gone?




The rest of the plain is intact just the cfg file is gone!


This is weird I had backed up the file in question and I have tried adding it to the two folders, each one for the GE or RR engines, and still when I want to select it from the list AEROSIM planes are missing.


This where I have to uninstall and re-install again if I want to fly this bird.


Why this is happening?


I have tried installing it turning everything off including firewall and antivirus but no change!


Can someone help me?


Many thanks!!



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I have tried installing it turning everything off including firewall and antivirus but no change!


Hi, Frank,


Not familiar with this addon, but maybe your antivirus is treating aircraft.cfg or some other files as infected and quarantining them.  You said you turn off antivirus during the installation, but maybe this is happening when you turn it back on for some strange reason.


I have my antivirus program set to exclude scanning all flight sim related folders and subfolders.



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Thanks Mike for your reply, I have now solved this problem.


First of all I would like to point out that the Aerosim support doesn't even answer e-mails! I had sent them a detailed mail with all the requested info but no reply.


In any case it appears that if you install this plane with the .exe file installer, somehow, it may happen, like in my case, that FSX doesn't recognize some of the .gages files so if you don't get at the beginning the usual screen that asks you if you OKAY the new gauge file and add it to FSX as a "trusted" file the plane will not show the next time around or if you try to choose another livery, it basically disappears from FSX!!


So what I did I install it manually first by installing the package in top a temporary folder then moving each file, effects, gauges, plane etct.etc. in each corresponding folder in FSX.


When I launched FSX I choose the Aerosim B787 and finally got the familiar screen that asks you if you are okay to run the new gauges. and the problem was solved.


I must have un-installed and installed this plane at least six times before I tried this.


In any case, this is the last time I buy something from Aerosim, they provide no support to their customers and the plane is a nice interior plane with nice modelled cabin which I like but there's no more than that pleasure, the rest is very basic for a highly priced model.


I hope to see later on in the market something more professional.


Many thanks again and happy flying!


Frank :wink:

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It's not antivirus, it's the guys at Aerosim


HOW TO UPDATE AEROSIM 787 to Update 1 and Update 2


After about 5 hours of trial and error I got it As you may know, there are 2 updates in the official Aerosim site for the 787, as you might have tried, they DELETE your 787s


1. Download both updates from their site


(IMPORTANT, if you had already tried to update and got files deleted, you HAVE to run the updaters AGAIN, TO SEE if there is any TRACE of those "updates", if there is, the installation will ask you about "Modify, Repair, Remove" instead of normal installation)


2. , Run the 2ND updater, if it asks you about these three options, SELECT REMOVE and finish the process, REPEAT for 1ST updater and then for the base 787 Installer. You should be in a point where NONE of the three installers offer you the "Modify, Repair, Remove" options, so they are all three FULLY uninstalled with NO TRACE.


3. Install the BASE 787 with your serial and everything


4. Open the UPDATE 1 installer (WAIT, READ FIRST!!!), DONT COMPLETE THE UPDATE! After you put the serial info, at the very LAST STEP, when the button "Next" changes to "Finish" DONT PRESS FINISH, this is where your 787 gets DELETED, instead open TASK MANAGER and KILL the Windows InstallShield process, an error message will pop-up, dismiss is with the button in it, I think it says Accept, doesnt matter.


5. IMPORTANT!!! Go to your %FSXfolder%>Gauges> and COPY "AS_787.CAB" and PASTE IT RIGHT AWAY somewhere else safe in your PC


5. Repeat the process for UPDATE 2 exactly the same, dont press "Finish" at the end, instead KILL the Windows Install Shield process. (In this moment, the UPDATE2 would have deleted your "AS_787.CAB")




6. Go to %FSXfolder%>SimObjects>Airplanes>AS_B7878_GE_FSX(and AS_B7878_RR_FSX later) and rightclick "aircraft.cfg", Properties, select "Read only" and accept.


7. Copy the file "AS_787.CAB" yo had previously saved somewhere else back to the Gauges folder, do the same process with it, right click>properties>read only>accept.



That's it, open FSX, select your 787 and nothing will delete, and you will have them UP-TO-DATE.


////////////WHAT IS GOING ON?///////////////


This software has a strong (but bugged) anti-piracy system, for some reason I don't understand, this "system" engages even for people that PAID for the software.

1. When you click FINISH in the UPDATE1 installer, it will delete almost every single file from your 787, that's why you should KILL the process instead of clicking FINISH.

2. The same happens with the UPDATE2 but a little worse, even before the FINISH screen, your "AS_787.CAB" in the Gauges folder also gets deleted, that's why you should save it before UPDATE2

3. At any moment that you select the 787 in the game, inside the folders%FSXfolder%>SimObjects>Airplanes>AS_B7878_GE_FSX and AS_B7878_RR_FSX, the files "aircraft.cfg" and "panels.cfg(Inside "Panel" folder) get DELETED AUTOMATICALLY, and also the "AS_787.CAB" in Gauges.


I'm happy I sorted it out, took me the whole afternoon, I would be glad if this doesn't take someone else's from now on.


You're welcome.

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It also seems that the panel.cfg file gets deleted as well...I suggest after the initial base file installation, protect the panel.cfg file as a read only the same way as the aircraft.cfg file.

Thanks Daxeroth for all your hard work investigating and sorting out this problem.



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Oh yes Gary, I don't know how I missed the step for the panel.cfg, what's funny is that I mention it at the end, thank you very much, I would edit the instructions but that doesn't seem to be possible or I don't know how

puppi, I think the instructions are very clear except for the fact I missed what gary mentions

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