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If you get texture flickering in P3D 3.3...

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...then blame the 3rd party developers, not LM.


Sorry guys but blaming LM for this issue is simply wrong and ignorant. 3rd party developers who still code for FS2002 should be ashamed of themselves if they claim that their software is anywhere near P3D compatible. Come on guys, it's been 15 years. That's fifteen. You really expect P3D to move forward and at the same time keep compatibility with 3rd party software that is developed for a 15 year old SDK? Either the 3rd party developer should tell you "sorry, no P3D support". Or, they fix their broken stuff. Yes, it's their stuff that's broken, not LM. If a scenery/addon isn't developed anymore, you can't expect it to continue working forever.


It's about time that LM removes the legacy junk and put some pressure on the 3rd party developers who still code like it's year 2001. I mean, every other topic on every flight simulator forum is about VAS usage, stuttering, autogen popping, blurry textures and so on. Have you ever wondered why that is? I can give you the answer: a lot of legacy code to achieve compatibility with 3rd party addons that is written against an SDK that is older than some of the poeple running the simulator.


Think about that the next time you have issues with VAS/textures/stuttering/performance, and at the same time demand that your 15 year old addon should run just as it did year 2001 even though noone cared to update it. If you don't want your simulator software to evolve, then stick to FSX or FS2002 or whatever you prefer.


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such a drastic step which makes our current addons sceneries unusable (not unusable but it is a real dealbraker) is ok in a bigger step (e.g. version 4) and have to be announced.


But surprising us when moving inside a cycle isn't very nice.




I live in germany and therefore I have to deal with a publisher which wouldn't update his sceneries as far as I can say. We have many nice airport sceneries here, but all amde for 2004 and carried over to FSX. I'm glad they run in V3 also, but I'm not very optimistic that there will be further development ...


And now: do you think one developer would rework his scenery if he has to fear that in a few month with version 4 he could start all over again probably?

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Guenseli,I think the developer will if buyers demand full P3D compatibility!


I buy addons when I'm confident that the vendors are serious about supporting P3D - and avoid the older stuff that 'probably works'.


I hate to lose access to airports etc that I've bought, but if that's the price of progress I can live with it.


P.S. SIMstarted is splendid - enjoying the paid version, works great with P3D! :)

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Guenter - there is a SIMPLE solution for those developers - follow the guidelines being set up in the P3D SDK and all will be well. Stick with old, outdated technology and suffer the consequences.


It's not like there is n o option for the devs - there is - IF the chose to take it.


LM has been stating this (standard SDK) is their goal for years - why are so many surprised?



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Not completely true. I have some DEFAULT P3D buildings shimmering like mad in the distance...

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