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Upgrade to 6700k

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Hi - my system specs are in my signature.


I am going to get an I7-6700k, asus maximus hero and g skill 2666mhz 16gb ram.


I want to keep my gtx 970 and the two ssd's which have os and fsx.


How can I move the ssd's into my new build and not reinstall os or fsx?


Is it possible ? And if so, is there a resource I can lookup as in step by step instructions...



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Everyone that I have heard from has said no, it's not possible, unfortunately. I recently built a new computer and my only choice was to clean install everything because my previous Windows was OEM. If you have a retail version of Windows you should be able to use the same license and not pay for Windows again, but the new hardware will most likely not work with the old OS SSD.


I'm betting you will have to clean install Windows. And once you do, you'll then have to reinstall FSX because Windows will not know that FSX is already installed, the previous registry entries will have been deleted. My recommendation and what I had to do is to:


1) Transfer all addon installation .exe's and 3rd party files from FSX drive (or wherever they're stored) to an external hard drive/thumb drive (don't forget to write down serial numbers) 

2) Clean install Windows on the OS drive. *have only the OS SSD plugged in to simplify things*

3) Make sure Windows was successfully installed. Log in, then plug in old non-OS hard drive and double check you have all the files you need before erasing it all

4) Format this non-OS drive as a new one

5) Reinstall FSX

6) Reinstall addons from the external hard drive/thumb drive


It would be a different story if you were just swapping non-OS hard drives, which can be done no problem, but a new mobo and old OS don't match. The upside to all of this is that you'll have a fresh machine with nothing to slow it down. It'll be a beast too. My rig is pretty similar to what yours will be and I pretty much ran into the same problem, I'm happy to answer any questions that I can about it

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