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I want to fly online in X-Plane with someone

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I have never tried flying online in X-Plane or P3D. I would like to try this with someone or a few people to see how it works. But I have no experience whatsoever. Where should I start? What plugins do I need. I have created an account on VATSIM a long time ago I  think. But never actually flew online yet.


I am looking for someone who can go online with me in X-Plane and fly together. Either GA or Commercial.


Will any planes and 3rd party scenery/airports work for flying online? 


I use Discord for communication so if anyone would like to join me. Please let me know. :)

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i will try to give you some tips


Flying online & flying shared are independent things but you may also combine them



Flying online Virtual Network:

you subscribe to an online ATC network like Vatsim (free) or to a professional atc service like Pilotedge (paid). Your sim "world" is shared with other people connected to the network as well. You actually see them through out your cockpit window and you also listen them as per the ATC interaction.

Both require you install a "client app" on your simm. You get the agent from vatsim/pilotedge web portals respectively.




Flying shared:

Two people  connect/synchronize their sims via internet in such way they act like two pilots being on the same cockpit working the same aircraft. Any switch you flip on your cockpit will be reflected on your copilot and vicebersa. It mimics two pilots flying an aircraft on real life.

You may be also connected to an online atc network or not.

For flying shared cockpit on xplane -your partner & you- need to have purchased/installed "smartcopilot" paid plugin for xplane.

Most popular aircraft are supported and new ones are added time to time. This plugin reads configuration text files to sync both simms. Any community member with some sort of skill may configure those files for supporting a specific aircraft.

Double check the aircrafts of your interest are already supported.


hope this address your initial doubts

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