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Flat, Remote 18/36 Runways.

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Hello! I am starting to get my pre-teen boys into FSX. In order to keep things simple I figured I would find a good paved runway on cardinal compass points. After hours of searching, I thought I'd ask around. Does anyone know of a paved, short (1500 - 2000') runway that's on flat land and fairly remote?
​Thanks :-D

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I always use L08 in the Anza-Borrego desert as my airport for testing all types of aircraft.  It's a totally


uncontrolled airport with a 5,000 foot runway  I've test flown everything from an ultralight to the AN-225. 


Welcome to the forum and, of course, the craziness that will happen!

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You should consider 9/27 runways, too.

I practice at EDWO. Not really remote and a bit longer than you say, not completely flat, but flat enough nice visual reference points, e.g. the autobahn junction A30/A1.


Regarding your original request, I used the program "awk" to parse runways.csv (generated by FSUIPC's MakeRwys.exe), search for runways with exactly 360 degrees (i.e. not 359 or 1), with runway length >=1500 and <=2000, and to ensure the "flatness" with an elevation of <20:

awk -F, '$6 == 360 && $7 >= 1500 && $7 <= 2000 && $5 < 20 {print $0}' runways.csv

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There are MANY flat runways in the U.S. Midwest, including the Western 2/3 of Ohio.


Kellys Island [airport ID = 89D] has short runways [pure North-South and East-West, RW 18 and 36, RW 9 and 27].


It is a small island on Lake Erie.  I used to fly real aircraft there many years ago.


On such a small airport you might start with FSX supplied ultralight, then move up to the Maule, a very capable tail wheel aircraft [i flew that also in real life].  It is more powerful than the Piper Cub.  If you have an add-on aircraft like a Cessna 152 that will do a good job as well.


Carenado has a Cessna 152 II for $26.95, however, you can get a good discount if you purchase it on major holidays.  I believe Cessna suggested one notch of flaps for take-off, full flaps for landing [for real aircraft].  I did not fly this aircraft much in real life, I enjoyed larger Piper aircraft after the Warrior and later types of larger Piper aircraft came out.


Video of FSX flight in Carenado Cessna 152 II 


Just a note on twins, I do prefer Cessna over Piper, it is easier to see over the engines.  Including the Cub, however, primarily beginning with the Warrior, Piper made and makes great aircraft though.

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