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Video Discussion: VR Update: AeroFly FS2 in Oculus Rift

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Name: VR Update: AeroFly FS2 in Oculus Rift

Category: AVSIM Video Library

Date Added: 24 July 2016 - 07:47 AM

Submitter: HiFlyer

Short Description: VR Update: AeroFly FS2 in Oculus Rift


Aerofly FS 2 major update with VR and LNAV/VNAV support






Dear Aerofly users,


we have just published a major update into the Beta channel of Steam. Since we made lots of changes, we will leave it in Beta for now, until we have had enough feedback from you.


To check out the Beta version of Aerofly FS 2 do the following

  • Right click on Aerofly FS 2 in your Steam Library and choose 'Properties'
  • From the properties window select the tab titled "Betas". From this page select the applicable beta from the drop-down menu. If you've previously opted into a beta you can opt out by selecting the menu option.

Here is a list of changes:


  • Preliminary support for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Please note, this is a very early implementation. Also keep in mind to use a very fast 3D graphic card.
  • Added buttons to show/hide navaids, airports and waypoints on map in location and navigation menu
  • Added button to position airplane at start of route in location and navigation menu
  • Added button to center map on aircraft position
  • Added button to center map on route
  • Added current route is displayed on location menu map
  • Added aircraft equipped with LNAV/VNAV can fly the planned route automatically
  • Added cockpit navigation displays show route and waypoints and time and distance to next waypoint
  • Added PFDs show tuned ILS identifier, course and distance
  • Added autotuning: airliners automatically tune navaids from route, nearby navaids and destination ILS
  • Fixed route shows magnetic track instead of true track
  • Added new repaints for F-18, Pitts
  • Fixed bump mapping on P-38
  • Fixed rudder assist / autorudder turned off
  • Added right mouse button to pull knobs in cockpit
  • Added navigation guides for route (enable/disable with approach guides)
  • Fixed auto spoiler retract when applying full throttle in all aircraft
  • Added A320 ECAM pages: engines, electrics, hydraulics, fuel, wheels, flight controls (other pages are not completed yet)
  • Added A320 automatic ECAM switching and manual page request and page iteration
  • Work in progress A320 electric and fuel system (closing fuel valves has no effect yet)
  • Added C172 full electical bus system including battery and alternator simulation
  • Added C172 radios and navigation instruments can be switched off (and on)
  • Added C172 turning off the master battery switch will kill all electrics and set the cockpit into a dark state
  • Work in progress C172 fuel system (closing fuel valves has no effect yet)
  • Fixed minor bugs on aircraft (landing gear cutting through doors, hidden objects, ...)
  • Added C172 added waypoints and route display to the moving map display in the cockpit
  • Added Baron58 electical system, radio stack can be turned off


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