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Information in the manual on the phraseology Atc

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This is For the Users non anglophone :

The Grammar menu is great to train her voice. But if you could provide us on paper

the list of that phraseology and elements in this section,we would be grateful.

 all Atc software indicating this  informations in their manuel, it is essential to have

this document, if you want to work  the phraseology Atc in your chair without a screen !

this is going allow users  non-English speakers to work more easily this section,

for to memorize the items  in Pilot2Atc, this would avoid of selecting the phrases

from the various menus, and so be able to speak directly in Atc.

When creating a software of this type, it is also important understand the difficulty that this gives to non-English users.


Example :


thank you for your understanding :wink:



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The ability to print the grammar rules in some form is on the possible future enhancements list.  However, using the Grammar Helper screen will provide a much better learning experience.


The Grammar Helper screen is meant to be used standalone to provide instant feedback on whether a phrase is recognized or not.  While memorizing phrases from grammar rules may help, actually saying them and getting instant feedback is proven more effective in learning.  If you memorize the phrases incorrectly from a manual, they will not work when you try to use them with the program.


The Grammar Helper lets you select a phrase rule, displays the actual words to say based on that rule, and then lets you practice saying it with instant feedback on whether or not your phrase was recognized.  You can practice saying it until you get it right.




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Hi Dave, :smile: In principle I agree with your point of view. Except, there are some flaws in the atc menu.


When I must put the mouse on the drop-down menus, their overlapping items and I can not see the whole list. it this an small screen bug ?


it seems, if you want I can make you a video to illustrate this problem. ?


Then as I am not very advanced in phraseology english I lost a lot of time to exchange with atc.


Today example: communications: atis, request clearance delivrery, request taxi it was perfect. I am on the taxiways near to the runway 26.


But Then the controller tells me an new track ,this is great, but I have almost reached the 26 and I must to go runway 20.


I look at the airport map, but I see no indication of the new path to take , what should I do ?


I contacted 'departure', pronunciation errors I opened grammar,the sentence are 'in the green', then I turn on atc, but seems not to understand...


Then in the drop-down menus, I searching the item allowing me to see the line the departure frequency for giving me permission on runway 20.


but I did not succeed ! Finally, I closed pilotatc2 and P3d, But I spent almost 3 hours whithout succes.


if an list in PDF, even 'succinct' of items Atc,I have could contact 'departure' and ask for the departure on the 26th.


Understand that you this problem ? Regards,

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It would be rare if ATC changed the departure runway after it gives you taxi instructions.  Not impossible, but very rare.


If you do get new taxi instructions, you should be able to press the Taxi button twice to see them on the map if they don't show automatically. 


You say you contacted 'departure', but that should only be after takeoff.  You would request departure from Tower.


The Grammar Help screen is not connected in any way to Pilot2ATC's speech interaction system.  It is meant only for looking up and/or practicing phrases.  When trying to interact with Pilot2ATC, all interaction is through either voice or the SayIt feature at the bottom of the main screen.  When you select a SayIt phrase, it should show up in the Speech Text window and you can press "SayIt" button to have P2A speak it, or you can try saying it yourself.


I may have not understood the issue completely, so I sent a request for the log file.  If you can email that to me, I can see what went on.




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