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Knickerbocker Journey

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Knickerbocker Journey

We take a late summer tour of the Catskills, the Hudson Valley, the Berkshires and Green Mountains, and finally the Adirondacks.

We begin at Greater Binghamton—Edwin A. Link International (KBGM), named after the "father" of flight simulation. We head east to touch-and-go at White Birch (4N8) [no pancake breakfast on Saturdays] and land at Downsville (NY78). Then east over the mountains into the Hudson Valley to stop at the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome (NY94) for a taste of wind-and-wires aviation. Climbing northeast, we get a look at the culturally rich Berkshires, execute a touch-and-go at Pittsfield (KPSF), and land at Harriman-and-West (KAQW) near North Adams and Williamstown.

We quickly climb up into the Green Mountains to stop at the ski resort (and extreme sports center) at Mount Snow (4V8). Then west, back over the Green Mountains and down into the Hudson Valley to land at Glens Falls Floyd Bennett Field (KGFL). Heading northward alongside Lake George, we touch-and-go at Ticonderoga Municipal (4B6) to climb up into the Adirondacks and land at the Olympic village at Lake Placid (KLKP). Finally, we head east over Lake Champlain to land at Burlington, Vermont (KBTV). Ben and Jerry's for everyone.

The flightplans for Plan-G and FSX as well as a "Pilots' Guide" can be found

Recommended Aircraft:
Our route is about 314nm so you will want something that can cruise at about 140-150kts. Good "standard" candidates might be the Cessna 177 or 182, Piper Comanche, and Beech Bonanza. As ever, you should fly whatever you like. For fun, I shall take the LDR Ryan Navion in the "Charlie Brown" colors painted by Ron Attwood.


Recommended Scenery:
Strongly suggested are Orbx FTX Global and Orbx OpenLC North America. You might like the Orbx North America Freeware Airports package
here. On September 3, we should see some early Fall Colors.


For a much better experience you want to install Ed Wells' representations of White Birch (4N8) and Downsville (NY78). You can download them from SOH here. (Or you can download a simplified but imperfect installation from my DropBox here.) Ed has rebuilt and relocated these two airstrips properly so that they appear in something close to their natural beauty. (The default FSX is "doable" but not so pleasing.)


In addition, but not so important, are three more helpful airport sceneries.

(1) Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome (NY94). Ed Wells, along with Golden Age Simulations, did a very nice job on the old field with its classic biplanes on the sidelines. You can get it from SOH
here or from Golden Age Simulations here. Be sure that you get v2.0.
[if you have the Orbx Freeware Package for North America, you will want to disable the three bgl files associated with NY94. Under  ORBX/FTX_GLOBAL/FTX_FTXG_AIRPORTS/Scenery, look for ADE_FTX_FTXG_NY94.BGL, ADE_FTX_FTXG_NY94_CVX.BGL, and FTX_FTXG_NY94_objects.bgl. Disable by adding ".OFF" to the end of each name.]

(2) Glen Falls Floyd Bennet Memorial Airport (KGFL). Long-time RTWR Team FlightSim pilot Ed Cox has constructed a first class rendition of his home airport. You can get the FSX model at here. Really quite nice, with a local-knowledge feel to the buildings and especially the classic Tower-Terminal.

(3)  Greater Binghamton (KBGM). Jim Cook has a pleasing (and light in weight) enhancement which corrects buildings and adds some "clutter" to make the scenery quite believable. You can get it at

In any case, Global Vector owners will probably want to disable the AEC for KBGM and 4N8.

Date and time: Saturday 3 September 2016, 1800 UTC

Where: AVSIM RTWR Teamspeak - Casual Flights Channel
Teamspeak Server Address:
Multiplayer: FSX Multiplayer (IP will be provided on Teamspeak)

If you want to help others enjoy the multiplayer experience, don't forget to enter your aircraft details on the multiplayer spreadsheet! (linked

Note to Ron. Please set server time to 14:00 (2pm) Local.


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Nice plan Mike!  (screenshot too!)
Ed Wells sure does do some nice scenery! :good:  
BTW sometimes direct search links to Flightsim don't work.  :mad:
If so, sign in first then use the following links to get the files directly.
Or, use search for the filename provided.

Glen Falls Floyd Bennet Memorial Airport (KGFL)
Greater Binghamton (KBGM)
Lots of water! Hmmm. Mallard a bit big so I think a turbo C185 on floats just might fit the bill..

Haven't got time to learn the "ins & outs" of 'ol 728..... Yet.  :good:
And for you map fold'n needs along with more airfield / route info - SkyVector


P.S. Pressed the "confirm" button...  :dance:

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What a nice picture of Snoopy. I, who is bereft of imagination, will fly the Navion as well.



The video link in the PDF is followed by this one:


Mike, do you threaten students with failure unless they make the PDF files for you? Pages 14 and 15 were gratuitously anti British I thought. No need to rub salt into the wounds.  :Hmmmph: 

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No disrespect whatsoever to the authors, but the scenery at Old Rhinebeck is very intensive on the system. On my system (considered low/mid) it brought it to a crawl @ at a whopping 3.3 FPS. If interested or one has a low to mid powered system, I resized all 58 of the 2048^2 & 4096^2 textures down to 1024^2. With the Navion's & Comanche's both having 4096's in them it will only get worse in a MP session. . Would hate to see what happens when we all show up at once. After conversion I'm back to my whopping, standard issue, 20 FPS. LOL! These are available only to the "Saturday Soiree" members and you can get the link only by PMing me through the AVSIM system -or- if you have my address, emailing me. Backups are provided for easy reversion.


Cya tomorrow!


P.S. At 1024^2 the whole package is at 50 mb, the originals are at 434 mb.

We also may see a lunar/solar event too!


P.S.S. White Birch (4N8) also has the big textures (4 outa 6) - It's now in the archive along with Rhinebeck, backups included. (It's only a T&G so optional)

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Better late than never.. Way.. Way too purdy not to share.
Excellent route Mike! Thanks!

Stew landing on 05L   :P , Downsville Airport (NY78), as Bert gets a bird's eye view entering the pattern in his Socata TB20.



(anim) Mike skirting the trees in his LDR Navion, "Charlie Brown", Downsville. Getting him down nicely.


The group at Downsville from Mike's perspective - Mike, Gunter & Ron in LDR Navions; Myself in the C185; Nick and Jeff in A2A Comanches; finally Bert in the Socata TB20.

The only shameful thing about this flight? We stopped at Old Rhinebeck (NY94). So much "oohing and awing", checking things out 'n such, I forgot to hit the shutter button! Not once! UGGH - The shots would've been right here!

Bert dropping the gear over Richmond Pond, getting prepared for the 08 approach at Pittsfield Municipal Airport (KPSF).

Nick showing us how it's done, just a tinge of smoke as the wheels abruptly start rotating. North Adams Airport - "Harriman and West" (KAQW).


(anim) Stew bringin it, just over the numbers at "Harriman and West" as Jeff holds short at 11 looking on.


(anim) This time Ron brings it in at "Harriman and West". Gunter and Jeff looking on.
If Bob Uecker was making the call, it would've been...... "Juuuuuust, a bit short." LOL  :LMAO:


The group again, break time for refreshments. We have Stew, Nick & Jeff in Comanche's; myself in the 185 amphib; Ron, Gunter & Mike in
Navions; I believe Bert had dropped out and re-emerged showing up in a Navion too.. Not a bad alias at all.

Sneaking up behind Ron at his 8 o'clock as we buzz the golfers at the Mount Snow Golf Club, immediately after our departure from Mount Snow Airport (4V8).

This time coming up on Mike in his historical, great (pumpkin) Charlie Brown repaint of the LDR Navion. We're deep in the Glastenbury Wilderness / Green Mountain National Forest just after passing the Somerset Reservoir.

Mike heading for, what looks like 01L, while Nick is on 01R, Floyd Bennet Memorial - Glens Falls Airport. (KGFL)

Looks like Ron is joining in for 01R too!

It's Ron's turn.. Joining up to my, ummm, "photon reversed" C185.

Ron, don't you dare scratch my "solar reversed" paint!


Lots of traffic at Ticonderoga Municipal Airport (4B6). Write that down,, with a pencil.

Tightening it up a bit with Ron and Jeff.

Keeping Ron glued to my compass.

The ground was beautiful & so was the sky!

Post flight refreshment time.

Stew! Hustle up! The beer is getting warm..

The following Sunday Gunter, Jeff, Mike & myself tore up Gunter's old "real world" stomping grounds (Corsica & Decimomannu) in T-28s on DTP.



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Terrific snaps, Roman.
Especially nice film of Ron's formation flying. Lovely.

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A nice little walk down mammary lane Roman. I'd forgotten about the formation bit. Cool.

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