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Feelthere Ejets FMS Radio Question

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This may be a dumb question but I couldn't find the info in the manual.  When programming the FMS, the radio screen is set to "FMS auto" for both NAV1 and NAV2 unless I manually put in a frequency.  


1)  What specifically does FMS auto mean?  Even if I plug in a frequency manually, when I use VNAV/LNAV it still runs off of the FMS.  Does it just mean it's going to show and autotune the closest VOR freq on my route?

2)  Once I do put in a frequency manually, how do I get that NAV radio to go back to FMS auto (even though I'm not sure what exactly it means)?

3)  How do I pull up the NAV2 radio on the PFD?  



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I think as you say it just automatically tunes to the next VOR on your FMS planned route. 


I don't ever touch it except when inputting the NAV1 freq for an ILS approach.  I tune it while still out of range and leave it active for NAV1.  


Not sure why you would want to mess with the NAV freq other than ILS. 

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1. When enroute, autotune will select a nearby vor for that nav for something for your rmi to point to. However, if you have an ILS approach in the flightplan and a course previewed, autotune will automatically tune that ILS frequency when in the terminal area.


2. Delete the nav id in the progress page.


3. You go to a settings page in the mcdu to change which radios are displayed for pfd tuning. Not sure if this is modelled here. Never tried it.

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Thanks for the answers.  The only time i usually change it is if it has me climb out on a specific VOR radial before joining the rest of my flightplan.  I'll tune up the VOR and head out and switch to LNAV once I'm on course toward the next fix.

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